Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jump Don’t Fall

Skipped out on an exercise routine lately?
Do something. Anything.
Sounds easy.
It is.
Just get off the couch.
But first things first.
Sign up for a run, ride or adventure race. Then, know that you’ve just taken your first baby step on your way to something great!
It was another enjoyable evening at FEAT (Fascinating Expedition Adventure Talks) last week. Nine different athletic and adventuresome souls stood up, one at a time before us.
“We fear to fail,” I heard.
How true is that. And if we don’t try how will we ever know?
This was the first thread that started my head spinning.
Shawn Leclair, founding partner of everyone’s adventure race in Port Moody - the Suburban Rush shed some wild wisdom.
This woman likes a challenge!
We heard her story of her Test of Metal. The tailgater that never gave up. The one who beat everyone else that was still on the couch…
Shredding the impossible Ryan Leech drew us some lines. My second thread for the evening.
“The power of sport for a conscious evolution,” is what I penned.
Think about that.
What we do, we share, we spread. Infecting all who know us.
Don’t just do it for yourself. Do it for everyone else.
Get off the couch.


Spartan300workout said...

Nice post, it was a great stories. I learned a lot from this, thanks for sharing ! Congratulations and looking forward always for more updates.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thank you for reading!