Thursday 14 June 2012

Inside the Heart

The shadow knows.
Heard that expression growing up.
Today I drew “Shadow” in my Wild Woman Mystery Cards deck.
Underneath it all, in the darkest part of my soul, or anybody’s soul for that matter - what does it all mean? How do we truly unleash who and what we are?
This got me mulling over my notes from last week’s Creative Mornings talk.
Inside guest speaker, Jessica Hische, billed as Letterer, Type Designer and Crazy Cat Lady she said, “I do whatever I feel like doing, most of the time.”
Shouldn’t we all?
Passion comes along with doing what makes our heart sing. I know this. Most may. But are we doing it?
I feel like shit today. Woke up with what I knew to be the stomach flu. Caved in. Missed my favourite two classes of the year: Typography and Motion.
That really sucked.
The universe decided I needed to look inside today.
So I am.
When asked recently what my dream job would be I responded truthfully.
“To be creative. I am an artist.”
I love to write. Take pictures. Edit video. 

My hope is to inspire. Years ago I became a photojournalist, so I could do something to make a difference.
Colour and design make my soul sing. So does music, forward thinking and living outside the box.
These days I’m learning all the tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, InDesign, HTML, CSS3, jQuery, etc. etc.
I know I’m different. Who cares to read my blog?
Some. Thank you to those that do. I hope I inspire you in some way.
There’s two projects that have been festering about in my psyche for a while: People, Purpose and Power, and Flab for Food.
Time now to embed these ideas. To do something.
Am sure I wasn’t the only one that could relate to what Jon Tan said during his guest stage discussion with Jessica.
“Keep playing and keep failing. It just costs time.”
What’s time if we can’t live doing what we enjoy?
Time now to stop thinking about what the world needs and instead focus on what you need.
By unleashing what truly lies inside your heart.
The rest of the world will benefit.


Raymond Parker said...

Many years ago, I awakened to the idea that there is a difference between a "job" and "work."

The latter comes from within and is as important to our lives as oxygen and food; the former is something we do to buy our way into an often corrupt world. We rent ourselves.

To honour our creativity often demands sacrifice, but the hardship is better than sacrificing our integrity. (Coincidentally, the latest animated Enbridge pipeline propaganda just came on TV).

I'm glad you are learning new skills to further your work. I'd be interested to know how you are getting along with Final Cut Pro X. I'm still exploring the features of iMovie, with which I've created all my videos, including my latest.

Looking forward to seeing some of your creations.

Raymond Parker said...

Sorry, Jane, I left the wrong link. Should be this one for my last video.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Wonderful words Raymond.
FCPx is as easy as iMovie.
I'm also learning Motion which I love!
Great work!