Sunday, 30 August 2009

Lost and Out of FOCUS?

Rejection can be taken a couple of different ways. Depending on who you are, how you are and where you're at inside your soul.
For me, today... rejection is well... *UC* YOU!
You made me mad and I'm going to do something about it.
Here's what I keep saying to myself: I am successful. I am healthy. I am energetic. I am a FRESH THINKER. I am innovative. I am resourceful. I am passionate. I am an achiever. I am a team player. I am creative. And I am great. I am me. I am who I am.
But, when it comes to applying for a job and getting that job you are or you quite simply AREN'T, the right fit.
In my case, in most instances... I'm not the right fit.
I'm middle management. I come from the school of 'hard knocks.' I don't have a BA or an MBA or a LLBA or whatever. I don't have blond hair, wear tons of make-up and stand in high hills wearing a pin-striped suit.
I've got the diplomas, enormous amounts of common sense, a visionary mind and the street smarts training.
I am who I am and I right now I am feeling a little lost. And the only way to get back on track is to find the passion in my mid-life and to follow it.
Hello passion... hello passion... where are you passion...? Come here passion.... come on.... passion... I can't see you passion... where are you passion.... I'm a little out of focus.... forgive me.... I'm looking for my passion... Where are you passion? Hello PASSION!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Reno On and On and On...

When it comes to boats there are two things I have to say are true. Firstly, your work is never done (kinda like a house) and secondly, if you think something will take you "x" amount of time - remember to multiply that by two, then times it by three and add a a few weeks. About right?
July 6th I began an interior reno of the sailing vessel "King Cyrus." It's now August 21st. Yesterday I had friends remove the blue tape (thank goodness) from the deck head. But I'm still NOT DONE!
I haven't got to the quarter berth or the v-berth. I haven't done the insides of the lockers... I'm living in it and I'm STILL NOT DONE!
Overwhelmed, yes. Cause I have lots of other things going on and I can't work FULL TIME on boat renos! As much as I WISH I COULD!
Great friends and dear Uncle Leonard have been dropping by to help out here and there. Thankfully. Their support has helped with my sanity!
Thank goodness for dear Rose's calm words yesterday when I noticed the dimples in the bulkhead paint .... "just let it go... just let it go..." And we poked holes..
I know. Let it go. One day I'll be done. I have to just ... let go... and say, slow... is good.
I know. I know...

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Accept and Be Grateful

What if time stood still. Would anything matter?
Today, tomorrow and forever I vow to accept what is. For what is, the now and for what may be tomorrow. Let it be.
And be grateful.
I learned a good lesson last Saturday when I was watching my son race in the World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike competition in Bromont, Quebec. It was live on the Internet. Time came for his race run and the server went down. Came back up for a replay of his horrific race run crash. I watched as someone rolled his limp body off the course. I recognized his feet. Those were my son's feet. The camera replayed back to the crowd watching over him. He wasn't moving. I left the bike store where I was and sat by the wheel of my truck and told the Universe. He's going to be okay. He's going to be okay. He's going to be okay.
I can't stop what happens. I can only accept it and deal with it. Like another strong mother said to me, 'deal with it as it comes.'
Thankfully he was able, some time later to get up and walk. And two days later he was home. Walking, talking, laughing, in real time. In the now. I accept what is today, what will be tomorrow and I am grateful. I can't change what is, nor should I manifest what should be. All I can do is accept and be grateful. Today I am. And tomorrow I will be.