Monday, 24 May 2010

Lost Souls

People. It takes all kinds. How do we become who we are? We are shaped by our homes, the people we grow up around, our teachers and the neighbourhoods we live in. Then externally, by what we read in books, a newspaper, or watch on television or hear on the radio. These days, more like what we see, hear and read on the World Wide Web. On a computer.
Deeper then that is where we were before we became the body we are in today. The ‘old souls’ amongst us have lived long before. Grown up in different surroundings and likely different kinds or moral ethics. Religions have evolved to surmise what is known today, but was it always thought of that way before?
What lies ahead is unknown. The purpose for today is to live for the day, but what about tomorrow? And what about now?
For all there is to life, do most actually live in the moment, for the moment? Do we take the time to smell something beautiful? To actually stop and savour it, or do we let magical moments in life rush by? When we see a hummingbird fly by to attend to a flower or a feeder, do we stop and marvel in its creation?
Time marches on. Life moves quickly. When a body dies, does the soul go with it? Or does a soul live on forever?


YukariPeerless said...

I am reading "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle right now and really trying to pay more attention to now...rather than tomorrow or yesterday. Thanks for the reminder.

Jane Victoria King said...

I read that last year. There are some powerful pages in there! It took me a while to get through it, but was sure glad I did. Thanks for reading my blog!

Carolyne said...

Very thoughtful post Jane - and love the photo!

Jane Victoria King said...

Thank you!