Friday, 28 May 2010

Love in a Hug

There are certain things certain people know about me, that not even the higher ups in my family chain know. I’m happy to keep it that way. The secrets stay within.
There is one particular person in my life, who has stood beside me for a long time. She’s been there for me through all the ups and the downs, even the turnarounds - and is right up there in “the know.” My pal Carolyne. She’s one special gal!
It was luck that I caught up with her this evening. Doing her usual set up for her Arbonne business in the Sidney Health Fair at the Mary Winspear Centre. Only a smidge of what she really does with her life. The list grows weekly!
We pick up where we left off. Fill in the holes on what we’ve missed on the Facebook updates. It’s better to talk in person. I can catch the flicker of joy in her life as she talks about her trip away to Puerto Viarta and her daily yoga practice. And feel the emotion in her eyes when she tells me about the passing of her beloved dog, Sam. Life’s tales are better told in person. Especially when they start and end with a hug.
Love in a hug. What true friends are always there for.