Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Sparrow's Pooh

You’ve heard up with the roosters, today I heard “Up with the sparrow’s pooh.” Humm, I said to myself. Is 4:20 a.m. up with the “Sparrow’s Pooh?” I suppose so.
Getting out of bed around the number four has never boded well for my body. I'm in training for the BC Bike Race so I need to get a three hour road ride in before work. This is my seventh intense week of training. I'm getting better at not hitting snooze.
Truthfully though, I’ve grown fond of being on the road by 5 a.m. It’s me, the bunnies, the birds, the deer, the raccoons, the street cleaners and the newspaper carriers. By the time the three hour mark rolls around, the traffic is abuzz and the city is awake. Too bad, I think to myself, I like it just me and the wildlife.
The funniest moment I had this morning was when I was crouched down on a gradual hill grunt and I went to blow the said right nostril out and I saw to the right of the road a family of goats. Shocked they were at my indecencies! Their expressions, priceless. I carry on.

It's spring in Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) and I have to say it's the air I enjoy the most at that time of the morning. While I ride seaside I sniff the sea, when I travel through forests, like Mount Douglas Park - I whiff the magic of the trees and the grass. So sweet, especially after the spring sprinkles. I don't imagine it's anything close to the aroma of a sparrow's pooh!

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