Thursday, 1 July 2010

Long Flowy FUN!

“Please don’t make me stand up yet,” went through my head
as I sat under the Shimano tent waiting to be herded down to the Langdale ferry. I spent over five hours in the saddle today. It was truly Epic. Epic course, epic that I did it!
Got a chuckle this morning at breakfast when one of the Epic riders commented he was thinking maybe he’d move down to Challenge today. Problem was both of us were doing the same course. A knotty 45 kilometers of the gnarly Sunshine Coast. Vertical gain 5300 feet.
Happy Canada Day!
The clouds opened up before race start. I’d dawned my raincoat. At the last minute I thought I’d put in my Hot Shot toe warmers. It was cold. Worked great till we got to the creek crossing. No choice. Feet got wet.
I have to say, reflecting now, I enjoyed today’s course more then yesterday’s. Even with the increased vertical. The length though had me banging on the wall. I kept ‘er going. Kept thinking what my pal, Catherine had Facebooked me with last night, “One kilometer at a time, you’ll peel it off before you know it.”
I was also grateful for the two Aid Stations. Enough time to fuel up on bananas and top up water and off we go. At the second Aid Station, Rod the Course Designer assured us only two more kilometers of climbing and then it was all downhill.
You had to be on to do this course. Thankfully I felt better then I did yesterday as far as focus. Gassed, yes definitely. But somehow always in control.
Until the downhill ditch dig. Don’t know what I did but I ended up on my shoulder, bike along with me. Race plate scrunched. I got up, no major damage and thought, man I gotta get this done.
Pretty pleased I managed this amount of “K” on Day 5. Can’t believe we’re already heading into Day 6.
As I sat down at dinner talking up the day I got the racer’s thirst on. Please don’t make me stand up yet, rang in my head again. Young Paramedic and pal, Megan Thompson sensed my need. Energetically volunteering to stand up for me and get more water.
What a day. I have to say. What a day. Day 6 here we come.


Karen said...

Way to go Jane!!!! Good for you hope you are getting good sleeps:-)

Amy said...

Good work Jane, at this point, since I'm reading this Friday, you just have your one short day in Whistler left, YAY!!!!!!