Monday, 16 August 2010

Dressing Up for Uganda

Wasn’t allowed to wear pants in elementary school, until I reached the seventh grade. Then it was ok to wear the long ones only because I was heading to the barn for the weekend to ride my horse.
Mum was a stickler. Dad wore a suit and tie everyday. He had a suit rack beside his bed even.
Fairly certain the reason I don’t own many dresses or skirts today is because I had to during childhood. Not that I don’t like dressing up. Somehow with my lifestyle, I never found it practical or comfortable. Especially when riding a bike or walking fast.
Tonight I had some face to faces with some of the great folk who have been to the Mengo Hospital in Uganda where I’m going in November. This lovely lady sat next to me during the slide slow. She comfortably suggested some advice for clothing options during my six week stay. I’m sitting in my black and white checkered Bermuda length shorts with a black BC Bike Race t-shirt on and flip-flops. 
First off she says, “Take lots of skirts, dresses and t-shirts. At least two nighties because sometimes there’s a lot of moisture in the air and things take longer then a day to dry.”
No problem except for the skirts and dresses part. I racked my brain for what lived in my small locker. One dress suitable for that temperature, not likely for the daytime. No skirts.
Since I lost all the weight (30 pounds) I haven’t bothered to stock up. She sensed my stunned look. Then illustrated the look of the Ugandan women in the wards, the people you’ll see everyday. No matter where they came from, they dressed up.
I pondered my next visit to Chez VV (aka Value Village). Skirts and dresses. Skirts and dresses. Skirts and dresses. Doesn’t seem practical. Apparently the Bermudas are acceptable only when you’re going out.


worldfromthisangle said...

Oh Jane, I love what you've done with your blog photo! It looks awesome!

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thank you! Finally got around to doing something. But oh so much more to do! Look forward to catching up on your blog. How's the novel going?

Holistic Sailor said...

Thoughtful, heartfelt and funny all in one post. Love it! Love you!

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thank you! You too beautiful.

Amy said...

UGH,skirts and dresses!!! Blick!

A Fresh Thinker said...

I'm with ya! Definitely not my first choice.