Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Perfect Day

“Never stop dreaming.”
That’s what mum said to me this morning as she exited the boat after a late brunch. Dreams are made of magic I’ve always surmised to myself, and help lead you on through life.
The alarm sounded off at 5:45 a.m. Snooze got smacked three times then I was up. I loaded my gear for a road ride into the truck along with the dog and the gym bag with running shoes.
Off to meet my fave workout partner for a road ride and a run. Early rise to beat the heat.
It’s us and the wildlife at that time. A buck here, a rabbit there. Taking in the birds, the roosters and the fresh air CC commented “Aren’t we lucky to live here!”
Without question. We got an hour ride of hills in and plucked ourselves off the bikes and onto running mode. Once our legs warmed up we challenged a hill into some single track trails and around the lake path. Heart rate was up a bit and we kept pace. All the while I’m thinking, would I be doing this if it wasn’t for my pal CC?
Back in transition I was treated to the smoothie of my life. Blueberries, pineapple, banana and whatever else. My stomach and taste buds sang the morning!
I was sent home with a coffee and cookies. I’d scheduled a meet-up with friends T and R at the RV park next to me at 9 a.m.
There’s certain folk you meet on the path of life that lay a foundation of thoughts that trickle into your subconscious. T and R are special to me. Both have had their own unique health challenges. But resonate with a love for life and helping those around them.
We talked about R’s recent surgery and post recovery. Two months rather then the predicted six. Scars to prove it. A smile, chin up and astute in skin colour, energy and posture. I attributed that to the love and care from T along with the winning attitude for the speedy recovery.
Health topped our conversation this morning. CC and I had already had a conversation on our ride about complainers. Some people like to. There's no magic pill for good health. T's formula is as follows:

  • positive attitude
  • stay active
  • eat right
  • give your body what it needs to be healthy
“Most people want the most out of life. To live until they die,” she said adding, “I love life.”
There was only an hour for catch up so I rode their RV back to my home gate. As we hugged goodbye T’s parting words were, “Live life to it’s fullest.”
All this made for a perfect day.

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