Saturday, 28 August 2010

I See Purple

To be brutally honest I’ve had my heart shattered twice.  Only time heals the wounded souls.  I know that now.
While in the throws of it, a healing hands master asked me to close my eyes and look up.
“What colour do you see she asked?”
All I saw was black. Of course. My entire life was dark. Like a black cloud hanging over me. I’d fallen into an abyss. Was there any hope of getting out?
If I knew then what I know now maybe it wouldn’t of taken so long. Forgiveness, forgiveness, forgiveness. Acceptance, acceptance, acceptance, acceptance. Love, love, love, love and more love. That’s all it took.
Our mind twists our hearts. Which really controls us? The heart or the mind?
I eventually make way for the cleansing of my soul. Meditating clarity. Freshness. Like clean air. Transparent water. A mirror of light flushes through me. I close my eyes again.
Now I see purple. 

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