Sunday, 29 August 2010

A Meditation

Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick… I hear the timer and decide it should be shoved under a pillow. I do that then think, what if I don’t hear it go off in 20 minutes? I take the chance.
It’s been a while since I sat cross-legged with my butt against a pillow and my palms facing up. Thumb and third finger together sloped on the knees. I settle. Doing my best to clear my thoughts. It takes time.
Before long I’m revolving images of black, purple, some green. My conscious creeps in. I have to slam the door. I’m after stillness. The zen perhaps.
I try to focus on my breathing. I invite love. I ask for a white light to cleanse my soul. All of a sudden I’m enveloped with a quiet. Slowly my head tilts back. I can’t stop it. I let it be. I take another deep breath. I continue.
It could have been moments. I’m not sure. I am charged with a blue ray up and down my body. I feel lifted.
The egg timer rattles a ding. Although suffocated I hear it. My eyes open.
I see different.
I see clearly.


Holistic Sailor said...

Beautiful Jane!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jane.. I am Shelley. I got your name from friends at West Bay Marina. I am in Uganda working with an NGO. They said maybe to contact you and see what comes. Nothing to be afraid of here.. fresh thinkers are needed. Get in touch if you want a new friend in East Africa. email me..


A Fresh Thinker said...

Thank you for reading!