Saturday, 25 September 2010

Love and Trust

Greed and gold. They go together.
The rain pours down. Emptiness shatters a heart.
Longitudinal forces are at play here. A tempest in a teapot you say? Not so.
How can you love if you don’t trust?
Someday one may look back and laugh. Yet today’s version of emotional nagging rages anger and hatred. Pain. 
I speak for a soul whose daily events triggered unaccountable thoughts. Persistent actions wouldn’t hasten a right. Rather two wrongs.
Without moral judgement she did bad and so did he. Leaving yet one sore soul.
Without trust there can be no love.


Mzungu said...

moral judgement is subjective and untrustworthy.. making judgement on others judgement a conundrum.. all derives from perspective, life and body memory and circumstance.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Insightful... thank you for that.