Sunday, 26 September 2010

Simple Beauty

She was probably ten or eleven years old. Chatting away happily with her mother. In an excited tone. They were going swimming.
I joined them later for lengths. Alongside, the child’s glee reinstated with a paddle board and a floaty. Reminded me of my childhood fun in a pool.  We’d spend hours. Exiting with prune like hands and feet. Wake up in the morning with earaches.
Once the head is under water the shift from life outside turns down a notch. It is quiet. Peaceful. You hear your breath. The swoosh of your arms moving and your legs kicking.
My strokes go a kilometer. Back and forth. Back and forth. I’m mesmerized by the solitude. Grounded once again.
I drive home amongst a sunset. A mosaic of clouds embark shades of orange with red and pink. I stop to stare. It makes me happy. Simple beauty. Grateful I took the time to see it.

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