Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Muses

It’s the second Monday I’ve made time to see my older brother for coffee. We meet at 7:15 a.m. before the cafe opens. Have a warm-up yack in the car before we can add the milk into our coffees. It’s great fun. Catch up on the week. Nimble away at what’s going on with the economy today. Updates with the young adults still at home and my teenager about to get out of dodge.
I nudge home to gather up my Intentions of Delight for the day and press on. Musing all the while. Monday’s not a get up early and ride day so what better way to start the day then a meet-up with a family member!
The hours pass and the other bookmark to my Monday is a run with Missy Iron Legs. We tootle along the breakwater blurting out the weekend highlights and what is with the week. All the while admiring the mystic sea mist crawling over the breakwater.
I arrive home delighted with a chuckle under my breath thinking about Bob Geldof's song I Don't Like Mondays.
Sure am grateful for my Monday muses! 

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