Sunday, 19 September 2010


Didn’t know about that word until today. Uncle Len happened to mention it. Did a double take.
“A merry who I asked?”
His context was in that of a couple. Two people who know how to laugh. Both at each other and with.
We had the fortune of joining them for dinner tonight. To share a gaggle. Knee slappers really. I love to laugh.
Made me think of Dave Allen at Large. Another one of dad’s favourite’s. Used to love watching dad watch Dave Allen. Wine glass in hand, when required. He’d have to put it down to crack up. Often raising his walking stick in the air. Like a live wire he’d erupt in laughter at something he said. Usually the way he said it. He’d laugh till there were tears. I adored that. Laughter is good medicine.
Back to meritorious. Uncle Len said it was a military word. So I do a search and sure enough, an award of merit. It is indeed.
Yet throughout our evening we defined our own versions of its compliments. To praise and to be worthy of. 
Suppose that has merit in it to.