Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Living My Dream

It’s already the fourth week of Dream Boogie with SARK. I feel behind in some ways. Working on working. Having my lover - 'money' - exist in abundance so Uganda Wishes can prosper.

Magical Journeys with SARK

Yet in my mind a dwindle of self-indulgence rears up. Am I digging too deep? Wishing for too much?
Suddenly in awe an email arrives. A dear soul, a long-time friend asks if she can throw a soup party to raise funds and awareness for Uganda Wishes. Suddenly I feel like a star. A moment of fear exudes my patience. Will I be ready? Will I get everything done?
Then SARK starts the call with the title Micro-Movements for Passionate Production. Reminding us that wherever we are in our dream - is perfect. That when our dreams are only in our minds, their movements are limited.
I print off a Micro-Movement Wheel of Delight whilst I’m on the call. Our group call segment has me silent. I listen to others. My energy lays calm. Someone speaks about delight. To light the fire of delight in what we write in the centre so we want to look at it and go to where we need to go. Do what we need to do.
With a bright red marker I put Uganda Wishes in the middle. In a green marker I draw a heart around it. Amongst the circle of spaces I write everything I imagine needs to happen.
When we re-group again SARK talks about resistance. To listen to the message of resistance. To write them down. In doing so, they will have messages for you she says.
I feel resistance in my technical challenges. Web design, sponsorship package, logo design, learning my HD camera back-up plan, how to load video into the clouds.
By writing it down I’m burping up the troubles. In some ways I suppose, I’ve cleared the air. The next task at hand is to pave the path. To get it done.
Part of the Micro-Movements Wheel of Delight. Writing it down. A step to living my dream.

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