Friday, 15 October 2010

A Half Moon Tonight

Won’t be long and I’ll be peering up to the sky in an African night. I ponder this in awe. I’ll be continents away from where I am today.
The world is so big. Our mother earth so round. Cultures are diverse, while so many people cross the lands.
What is spoken here, may not be there. What we may laugh at now, they may sneer at tomorrow.
I’m sure they sing and dance more then we do here. To celebrate life.
I’m so curious to know, what makes them grow.  Their spirits, their souls, as all is unknown.
Their challenges are more and real to this day. Then what we may face on any given day.
So I look up at the moon, and one thing I know – we both see the same thing… a half moon tonight.
It’s my time to go and see and explore. To document the hopes and the wishes from those afar.
Please visit Support Uganda Wishes for your opportunity to share.
Thank you.
Jane Victoria King

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