Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Bike Barges

Didn’t see a single fat person riding a bike in Amsterdam. Had to keep your head up. They’re everywhere. Pretty good at pointing though. Before they get up close to run you over they’ll let you know which way they’re going.
Took a chance on seeing the city on my five hour layover before my flight to Niarobi en route to Entebbe then Kampala, Uganda for the project Uganda Wishes.
There were a few rare occasions when I saw someone sporting a helmet. They must have been tourists.

Too bad I missed the family race by. Mom’s at the middle with one youngin’ on the front handlebars and two I’d say six and eight year olds clutching on to her while standing on the rat trap at the back.

The usual amount of pot aroma flowed through the streets. That’s Amsterdam. Pot pipes in the café windows with subdued patrons.

It’s been 27 years since I hung out for ten days. Holed up at the Hostel, which is still there. Not enough time to check out the Museums. But enough time to feel at home in Amsterdam.

The canals, the boats, the bikes, the handsome dutch men. Dressed with style and tall. I was in ga ga! Kind of ironic I’d watched Sex in the City 2 while in the air.

Wow though. What a touch down. Fall leaves, fresh air, beautiful people and bike barges. Now that’s Amsterdam.


Amy said...

Good for you for exploring during that 5 hour layover, exactly what I would have done!! :-)

A Fresh Thinker said...

First time back in Amsterdam in 27 years. Couldn't resist. I LOVE the city!