Monday, 1 November 2010

Documenting Hope

How do you suppose that looks?
Tonight I saw a printout of the photograph of the starved child being hounded by a large scavenger bird - the vulture. With text at the bottom denouncing the photographer who took the picture, left the scene and then three months later committed suicide. No word on whether or not the child survived.
The picture is emotional. So were the words a young teenager typed underneath it. Something to the affect of “If you think you’re having a bad day and are upset because you can’t have what you want…”
Don’t quote me as I didn’t write it down word for word. However, I have to say that the intention vibrated into my psyche. 
While the somber emotion viewed in the picture doesn’t necessarily bring hope, the words she attached underneath it all did. Her wish was to find a way to end poverty.
The recital I’ve been rehearsing for Uganda Wishes reverberated in my noggin. I’ve said it over and over again. I want to document the hope, not the doom and the gloom and the despair. But tonight I realized the possibilities of illustrating hope are much bigger. There is inspiration in words. And power in a photograph. Put the two together and there is much, much more.
There is documenting hope.
I'll say it again... stay tuned. 
I leave tomorrow for Uganda.


Anonymous said...

Sending love and strength across the miles dear Holly Sark Sistah.Feel free to bring me home a child to add to my family.They would be so very welcome and a dream come true for this Mama now feathering an empty nest. xoxoxoxox
Gifted Marilyn

A Fresh Thinker said...

Oh sweety... you need to make your next trip to Africa to help out! I wouldn't want to take an African child away from their culture. We can fill your nest up with love and then get you out of there for a bit!