Saturday, 29 January 2011


Respect for one other. Important.
Saw bits of the World Debate on BBC News. Part of the World Economic Forum.
Talk of leadership, global action  - taking action. With a shortage of conviction.
Talk is cheap. Lip flap. Gabble. The tongue wag.
A man in the audience says the power is with the people.
True enough. But for the people, where is the guidance on the planet today? With our global political leaders?
The political realm is filled with issues of transparency.  Mistrust and corruption fill the airwaves.  The truth is unheard. Honesty, integrity – all questionable. Why?
Are we breeding influential leaders I ask? Values in the cream of the crop. Moral ethics for humanity. Global Changemakers?
Will they rise up? Take a stand. Act.
The fire is all around. Look at Egypt
The Internet revolution and the power of influence in Social Media shut down in a day. How so and why?
I hear the good opt out. Too much grief working in government. It’s the affairs of the people. Them and us.
Then and now.
Does it have to come from the top?
Can’t it be from the bottom up?
Don’t look back with regret.
Act now.
Shout it out.

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