Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Passing Time

Eliminated by night. We sleep.
As darkness awakes, we flood the gates.
Joy, sorrow - grief whatever awaits.
Tempted by fate our Universe dictates.
What does the soul crave today?
A crossing to bear for the most awesomeness day we can spare!
It’s up to us to set the pace.
To enlighten the way.
Which way in our day?
Hope knows the path. For the love to fill the heart.
Cope with the moments with glee and with smiles and glad thoughts.
The power of now is that point in time.
Phase through the enigmas of despair. 
Enhance the occasions for laughter and play.
Dialed by day, the sun scopes forlorn. Remember. Alone you are not. Forever and not now.
Like the fleeting age of a storm.
Count on the instances of fun!
A cursory departure of senses may frighten you now.
For the day when it is gone is lost in all time.
Till the light glooms the shadows of the slumber era due.
We’ve moved another clock. Twenty-four hours again.
To another day passing time.

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