Sunday, 12 June 2011

Half Way Healer

Each day gets better. When I sit up and stand up I express gratitude.
Thank goodness I didn’t need surgery, and - I didn’t knock myself out!
Physio says another week for bone netting and then I can get into some exercises. Maybe some pool walking.
I’m off the pain meds. Doing a Traumeel tablet three times a day is all.
But the muscles they are a screaming!
Which will take longer to heal. The soft tissue trauma.
It’s three weeks today since I slid on the train tracks off my road bike and fractured my pelvis in two places, along with my clavicle.
I’ve taken the liberty of making a list of the challenges you come across when in this kind of condition. I’m currently walking with a cane:
  1. No such thing as parking for injured people. You’ve got to take your chances. Borrow Grandma’s handicapped decal?
  2. Having a walking stick doesn’t mean people will get out of your way when you’re in a crowd. Take heed! Especially for rowdiness!! You don’t want to get bumped and re-injure yourself.
  3. Unless you ask, it’s rare someone will open the door for you. Make sure to ask!
  4. Ensure any length of trek absolutely necessary has somewhere to stop and sit along the way.
  5. It’s not possible to carry anything heavier then five oranges.  Pelvic injuries too close to core. Ask a neighbour to assist with carrying groceries from car to home.
  6. Assistance required also for carrying laundry.
  7. Sleeping is the biggest challenge. I can now do two hours on my back with knees bent and blankets stuck under feet to stop slipping. Then the next shift is best sitting up back against the wall – three pillows with one for lower back so head and shoulders tilt back. Repeated as necessary.
  8. Patience. Daily reminders. This is temporary!! Cardio junkies don’t do well when their heart rates aren’t challenged and they’re not sweating!
  9. Finally, mornings are hard. Slow and steady. Ambling off my boat to walk the dog is the toughest part of the day. But the most rewarding. I can do it. Moving is good!

I’m half way there for the mending of the bones.
Plan on coming back stronger.
Today. Calling myself the half way healer.

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