Tuesday, 14 June 2011

What Happens Next

The only predictable in life is this:
  • You are born.
  • Eventually you will die.
That’s it.
Who’s to say what could happen tomorrow. Or, the next day for that matter. You may think you know. But do you really?
When I said goodbye to the dog on May 22nd my words were something like, “See you soon!”
Didn’t anticipate being stopped in my tracks that day. That’s for sure.
Life can take you for a ride all right. Up. Down. Sideways. Or to a full stop.
Each day is different. It will never be the same as yesterday or tomorrow for that matter.
That’s why it’s so precious. To be savoured. Like the medley of colours glowing in the spring skies when the full orange sun is setting.
Took a moment to reflect on my dreams by calling up SARK’s Inspiration Line. Got it dialed in my Skype contacts.
She reminded me to face full on life’s challenges. Not to run and hide. To hold hands. Let things melt into one.
Then she reminded me of her latest book, which I haven’t read.
Thought it appropriate given my current state. So I moseyed out to the library late this afternoon to put a copy on hold.
You never know what pleasant surprises await you in the day, or in the ones to follow.
The fun is in the not knowing.
What will happen next…

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