Friday, 10 June 2011

Victoria International Cycling Festival

Jump Ship is all dialed in at Victoria's Inner Harbour!

A lot of talk went into a culmination of events that many have been heard to say, “It’s about time!”
True. Victoria is the Cycling Capital of Canada.
Cause we can. Ride that is. Like all year round.
Sure. We’ve got some bragging rights. Well more then that.
We’ve got folks with vision, charisma and gusto to walk their talk. To make it so.
I was stoked when I first met Rob Fawcett the guru behind the vision. The Victoria International Cycling Festival. He talked the talk by forming the circle. Bringing in the players. Delegating.
I heard it. Then I saw it.

Never thought I’d see a little mini Crankworx in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. The Jump Ship – lots of dirt on a barge for the World Class Freeride Competition. Complete with live DJ’s. A festival of food, beer garden and artisans.
Then a short stroll to the Harbour Sprints in front of the Legislature.
I remember zoot suites when they were in. The punk/pop era of the retro British wave. The dudes were happening. It wasn’t all spandex racing the 300 meters on their fixies. Run-off for the slow-down. Look ma no brakes!
Wicked cool is all I can say.
I watched the bike polo dudes as they dialed in their rides. Readying for the tourney on the streets tomorrow.
Three a side. Where’d they come from?
San Francisco, Idaho and California.
How cool is that.
The bike culture is like kids on a playground.
Doesn’t matter who you are. You can all play together. Have fun. Talk. Show some camaraderie for each other.
All around were smiles. On everyone’s faces.
Wild colours screeched by us to the finish. Cheers, cowbells and whistles were heard.
Later it was the win from the Canucks.
Tonight was epic.
The Victoria International Cycling Festival continues all weekend.
Ya gotta check it out.
Just sayin’.

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