Saturday, 10 September 2011

Event Makers

Certain folks flap their gums. Smack their lips. Talk. 
But talk is cheap.
Super enjoy those that walk their talk.
No question cycling is big in my world. So’s the eruption of GranFondo events.
If you haven’t yet heard of GranFondo Canada, you will.
I remember hearing Kevin Thomson talking about a bike ride from Vancouver to Whistler. One that would cross the Lion’s Gate Bridge.
Closed to traffic.
A few years later what he talked about, happened.
First year - 4,000 participants. This year - 7,000 spandex bods.
I’m on site at Whistler with my computer, camera and TELUS Sierra Wireless stick to help out. Tweeting and Facebooking.
Of course I’d love to be doing the ride.
It’s full on from the Whistler cool morning light to the full moon tonight.
The after party begins. 54-40 in Whistler's Celebration Plaza. Live.
We’re in sweltering heat throughout the day. In the most scenic mountainous and epic west coast picturesque place on earth.

My mind speaks to my heart. This truly is incredible.
You could do all four GranFondoCanada’s and experience majestic beauty everywhere you go - all while riding a bike.
These folks really are the event makers.

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