Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Game of Golf

“We’re going to work at the speed of industry.”
Heard that in class today.
I was sold on the program before it started. Key drivers for me? The fact that it’s being taught entirely by working professionals.
Those in the biz. Those in the know.
As I review my notes tonight I see note to self (x2): I am so in the right place!!
The day started perfectly. An entirely random conversation with an entrepreneur. The discussion: how four hours of golf is worth 20 power lunches with a client.
A service he provides, educating those in business on how to make more money using the power of the game of golf.
I don’t carry keys anymore. Besides business cards, it’s a transit pass and a BC Ferries Experience (TM) Card. In this case I was on the bus.
I’m thoroughly mused by his dynamics. How else do you get to know a client in business, to a depth of a long-term working relationship that’s beneficial to both parties?
He sites an example of a first hole and a particular supplier edging the advantage untruthfully and without calmness.
First clue on how this individual may conduct business long term?
Most definitely.
Back in class, with expanding the introduction of the ten-month term we learn as visual communicators, not to criticize until you understand why.
And, every idea that has been done, can be done better.
Also that as visual communicators we need to understand all languages. Taken in context of colour, typography, Web 2.0, etc.
But perhaps for me the most crucial of all of this is the recognition that the most valuable thing you own is your time.
Now I go back to Business Golf.
Upon graduation we’ll all be out there playing the game of business. Using technology to help us so we can enjoy our lives.
And maybe even the game of golf?

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