Thursday, 19 January 2012

Happy Computer

Migrating an old Mac to a new Mac can be a chore. Especially when you’re me. Technically challenged.
It took me three times before I thought I got it right.
Tuesday I downloaded a schwack of HD footage for my Final Cut Pro X class.
Then the fans started coming on. My battery life went down to zilch. I was baffled.
They weren’t turning off.
Even at night.
Too much on the desktop maybe?
Advice from here and there – re-install. Start all over again. But before that dump the goods to a back-up drive.
Finally I went to the be all and know all. The Coordinator of my Program.
“Should I book it into the Mac store?” I ask sullenly.
While still under warranty a “Diagnostic” test was advised.
The forums I’d read clearly indicated, “Houston, you have a serious problem.”
Before heading over I tried one last thing.
Then I had to plug in and sure enough the fans fired up again.
I’d been having issues when logging in. As well as with iTunes. So I broke down. But I called first.
Was told two to four days. First come first served.
But… but, but I’m an EMD student… I need my computer!
I arrive. Pathetic all over my face.
I’m given time. I’ve given expertise. I met a GENIUS!
Yup, the Mac Station dude fixed me up.
Got his goat on the iTunes issue but he killed it.
And brought my computer back to life.
Happy computer.
Happy ME!

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