Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Editing Life

As I stepped off the boat onto the dock and into the snow I saw unfamiliar tracks. Ahead of me was the owner.
Gingerly I approached as time had crept up on me. I was walking and I needed more then I had to get to school in time.
Slowly it gave way and proceeded ahead of me. Not to flutter and fly away, but to move aside.
It was a beautiful moment.
We respected each other’s space and purpose.
This afternoon in Final Cut Pro X class, Alec our teacher began in ernst a discussion on cutting footage.
On editing life.
Moments captured in time on video with audio, that which may never ever be seen or heard again.
We don’t keep what we don’t want to remember.
“Editing is about selecting the moments in time,” he explains.
The crap is gone.
Like what we choose to remember.
When we edit our life.

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