Thursday, 16 September 2010

To Live What We Learn

An Incredible Moment!
“It’s in your hard drive now. You can’t unlearn what you’ve learned,” said Adventurer Melanie as we walked toward the lodge for another cup of tea.
It was the start our last morning together of the Succulent Wild Wisdom Workshop at Hollyhock. We were reflecting on our learnings. The intensity of what SARK and our other cohorts brought to us. Through thoughts and revelations. That went right into our hearts.
I was shocked at what happened next. As we sat down in our circle facing SARK, ready for our ritual closing ceremony she sat straight up and looked at me. (forgive me as I paraphrase due to the delight of this statement!)
“I want to give to Jane Victoria for her trip to Uganda to auction off a copy of my book Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper and a one hour Couching session with me.”
Her eyes glowed. She smiled. I leaped into the air and lit up like a Christmas tree – a twenty footer.
The entire workshop had brought me to the realization that I am worthy of asking and receiving funding assistance to go to Uganda for six weeks. The ticket was booked months ago. (See other blog posts Uganda Bound) I had put the brakes on a couple weeks ago as my financial situation slid onto the rocks.
My plan was to volunteer at the Mengo Hospital and to document daily a different story of hope. Not the doom and gloom and despair - the hope. And name it Uganda Wishes.
Yesterday I’d alluded to the richness of the day in my post. I had rang out a budget to go. I asked for input and ideas. I’d outlined my plan to share my experiences upon my return through presentations, a multi-media art show, a documentary and a blog. I received an incredible amount of support from this circle of unique and amazing women.
This morning after SARK made her surprising announcement, Wise Sherry turned to me and said she’d give me an hour Astrology session to auction off and an hour of Step into Your Livelihood session. Then Daring Dawn sounded off three hours of Business Coaching. I felt completely overwhelmed. I was awe struck. My heart sang.
SARK then asked Spirited Fiona to make her announcement.
Spirited Fiona declared she’d enroll me in SARK's next Dream Boogie course which she is also taking (she also lives in Victoria) beginning September 22.
I was now floating on cloud nine.
Summer 2010 Dream Boogie with SARK
Yesterday SARK had showed us the Micro-Movement Wheel of Delight. So named by me, a wheel of fortune. In the centre you state your intention. Then like a pie you section off what you need to do to get yourself there, starting with five seconds and getting yourself to five minutes or more! The process of course designed to ward off the procrastination. To take action. The value in taking micro-movements being that the tiny bits add up to huge results.
My intentions in the middle was to create a sponsorship package for my project so named Uganda Wishes.
By the time I’d come back down to earth and connected again in the group, SARK had started to rattle off some highlights (here are some, not all!):
  • FEAR=Forget Everything And Rest
  • JOY=Just Open Yourself.
  • The world needs people who have come alive.
  • Turn the receiving dial up – practice - know if you’re uncomfortable it’s ok.
  • Do things differently.
  • Be willing to be odd.
  • Loving being is best of all.
  • Set your intentions in new ways.
  • Tell new stories.
  • Call SARK on the Inspiration Line. (415 546-3742)
We left Hollyhock shortly after. There I left my old stories of who I was. I have new stories to tell now of what I am.
As Wise Sherry sat behind the wheel of my truck so I could start putting my words together for this blog we found ourselves rolling along the highway in the pouring rain. All of a sudden she let out a squeal of delight. We drove straight into and through the most incredible and complete rainbow I’ve ever seen. The purest array of colours. It was a ga ga moment.
I later turned to Wise Sherry and said, “I’m sure that was SARK!”

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