Friday, 29 October 2010

SOUPER Support for Uganda Wishes!

Gratitude and love to my long-time friend Carolyne(right)

It was an honour tonight to meet a group of people who chose to share their evening over a bowl of soup and to listen to the story of the proposed Uganda Wishes multi-media project.
The aromas of four different kinds of home-made soups filled the ambiance with freshly heated bread. Once enough of us had filled the room it was time to eat. I met new faces.
Carolyne introduced me and then passed around the hat. The idea being, whatever you might spend on a Friday night normally would go to supporting Uganda Wishes.
This was the first time for me as the project lead, where I had the chance to stand in front of more than a handful of individuals and speak about the idea behind Uganda Wishes.
There wasn’t a person in the room that I spoke with afterwards who had been to Africa. Throughout the remainder of the evening I fielded questions on language, political unrest, needs for orphans and the opportunities to assist. I couldn’t help but think my time there will be too short. Six weeks will zoom by.
This time next week I will have concluded my first full day in Uganda. My first full day of producing Uganda Wishes. I look forward to fulfilling many of the questions I heard tonight through future blog posts. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project thus far. And to the amazing Carolyne who brought us all together tonight for the first Uganda Wishes - Soup Party!
Jane Victoria King
Project Lead


John said...

wow, cool your down there already. herd Ian was all over ya at a party. atta girl. i've cabby buddies down there right now. let me know if you need them. Keya is connected. i'm at

stay beautiful
hey...good on ya for saving the world, but lets make em' laugh when u get back
love john

A Fresh Thinker said...

Yes John we will! Thanks for contact!!