Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 Transformed

The Universe talks. I look back and smile. We humans continue to evolve. With age brings wisdom. In time change. Tomorrow will always be different to today. Once what was, may never be - ever again.
I started 2010 off right. I gained the opportunity to help with Right To Play during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I saw, I learn - I was inspired.
Not long after I lit up. A guest post for MISS604 with Mission Emp-ossible. She’s a ladder of knowledge amidst the fray of the Social Media revolution. What a gift.
Never much to travel the same path twice, I take up an ambitious challenge to my psyche. The Challenge Course for BC Bike Race 2010. Truthfully more then a physical dare. A consumption of my senses. Can I maintain the three-hour training rides before work (varnishing old wooden boats) by getting up at 4:15 a.m.?
My son travels to Quebec and wins another Canada Cup downhill mountain bike race. Later relieving himself of the race pace. I acknowledge the bliss by observing him master rugby. Not quite as extreme.
At some point I confront the notion of time. It moves quickly. Never enough of it. Priorities set in. The kayak is sold.
I’m going to Uganda. It’d decided in May. Six weeks in the plan. Fear sets in. Multiple shots soon required.
Volunteerism runs amuck. With the NS Freeride Bike Park FUNdraiser. A James Bond event. Glowing with gambling amid food and delight – at an airport hanger venue no less.
At some point I create my first vision board. “If you could do anything what would you do?” runs the headline.
Number one son graduates. Same school as I. Twenty-eight years later.
Again I ponder the future.  A blog begins. Raincoaster hosts the first of many Skype broadcasts. I absorb. Like a sponge I squeeze it out into words.
Sometime during I develop a new addiction. Riding in a pack. I become a cardio junky. I savour sweet moments with my new found training partner C.C. AKA missy iron legs.
More inspiration sets in. My soul sister and I attend a workshop at Hollyhock on Cortes Island with best selling author, SARK.
Here I declare worthiness. Open-ness to receiving.   
Uganda Wishes erupts.
Soon after I visit the Museum of Flight in Seattle with dear Uncle Len. Historical planes. Preserved in their time.
Then I depart for more change. It’s Uganda. Africa. A chance to look outside myself. Away from the norm.
The weeks pass. Calamity provides. Love ensues. Emotions are tangled. There’s a gap between time. What is. What was.
Back to red lights, buzz of today, text messaging in tribes and recycled garbage.
I divulge 2010 was Facebooked, Tweeted and such. The learning’s were real, the takeaways were more.
Like Kelly said after returning home from Africa“It’s not about what we can do for them, it’s what they can do for us.”
Humbly I confess, things look differently now.
Goals may change but life hangs on.
People and Purpose is talked.
I admit in the year 2010 I was rushed, addicted, squeezed, stretched, strayed, inspired and later loved but most importantly - I was transformed.
Here’s hoping for peace, love, stability with good health and meaning for all.
Happy 2011 everyone.
Jane Victoria King

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