Thursday, 29 September 2011

Lights and Mirrors

This is actually a screenshot of a video I captured playing with a hexagonal mirror. I reflected it into the evening light shining through my boat's porthole.

Part of an assignment for my Colour Theory class which you can view here.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Creative Thinking and Happy Discoveries

Liked what the teacher had to say in class today. Another Interactive Media Session.
“Show creative thinking. That’s what sets people apart. Don’t over think. Narrow it down. Make it simple. Think creative.”
I’m here to gain the skills in Electronic Media Design so I can get a better job and BE creative.
This kind of attitude thrills me.
It’s a slog though. Learning a new language. From the beginning. Kindergarten to Grade 1 - and so on.
Or in this case, inside a void set-up of a function line with a string of system variables of say; pmouseX, pmouseY, mouseX, mouseY and the } bracket to end it all off.
Elements of design are fused with colours, lines, circles and strokes. They can all meet and feed off of one another

It’s revolutionary in my world. I’m the one feeling antiquated.
Truly mind blowing. Limitless opportunities to design new horizons.
But practice, practice, practice.
Then, like what our teacher, Yaz said for what happens along the way:
“Happy discoveries.”

Monday, 26 September 2011

Old Versus New

Vancouver's Hudson Bay and Scotia Bank buildings.

Young versus old. Same difference.
In an era dawdled with design I tend to enjoy the observation of the dynamic contrasts. Evident in places like Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto.
Those are those that I know. Which I have seen.
It’s the architecture of who we are today. Looking at the buildings of design especially.
Makes we wonder though, what has driven us to evolve as we have. Like the stacking of bricks. One on top of another.
Over time, our eyes of vision change. We begin to manipulate alternative genres to lay our focus.
Tomorrow will be different to today.
Yet we often hear, history repeats itself.
“The design of history is the history of design,” by Ivan Chermayeff.
The catapult of human expression?
Old versus new. 
Take your pick. 

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tuned in on Transit

It was a full house on the Skytrain to Surrey today. Two hours from Bowen Island to the King George Skytrain Station. Then a pick-up from a distant relative to the family celebration.
Wondered how long the drive would of taken given the slowdowns amongst the city centre.
As I pulled out of the Burrard Station the envelope of the city line slowly disappeared. Soon the ocean faded in the background.
As we continued the mountain ranges changed.
Again I thought about driving.
No people watching there. More stress. Stopping at lights. Waiting in line-ups.
I didn’t have to worry about any of that. All I had to heed was a place to sit and watch.
The paper had already been flipped on the bus. I tucked it under my backpack on the seat beside me for the next person.
Some people talked. A pair kissed. The senior behind them expressed his views. Eyes stern. He clearly didn’t approve.
There was the woman beside me with the broken wrist. Casted up. A bag full of art supplies. A rolled up piece of paper.
Lots of folks on their iPhones with their earphones.
I thought about listening to music. But mused instead on the ambiance of the Saturday.
Can’t imagine what it’d be like at peak times Monday to Friday. Squished in like sardines. Nowhere to sit.
A humble take on the commuter life.
I’m all tuned in on transit now!

Friday, 23 September 2011

Tight Jeans

No point in being uncomfortable.
If they don’t fit so good why wear them?
Probably because there was nothing else.
They bothered me all day. The legs fit fine.
But not so good in the waist.
Bathroom break. Yeah. Freedom.
Now, take a deep breath and hurry up and fasten.
Sit back.
Don’t bend over (forward).
Ever had days like that?
Things don’t quite fit right.
Like them tight jeans.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Coding Fun

Zee finished product.
Zee coding fun!

Did Kindergarten in Web Design a few years back. Today's morning class is Interactive Media I.
Our guy Yaz is a graduate of the Electronic Media Design Program here at Langara. Some years back now. He knows his ****.
In the past class we talked x and y’s. Points. Was handed some graph paper and told to draw shapes.
Today we’re watching with light speed accuracy how to do it all in Processing.
Our turn. Starting with the one of five of our drawings from last week. The first being the easiest.
I mumble through. Occasionally reverting to my desk mate, Jaime for advise. Jacob from behind also assists.
It’s before noon and he’s already done. Yaz throws Jacob’s finished on the screen.
My jaw drops. I haven’t even got passed easy.
I persevere. I’m here to learn.
It’s after lunch now and I start to get it. The x and y are making sense.
The finished product is what I originally drew, with splashes of colour.
Holy coding fun day!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fresh Eyes

Thought I’d better take things seriously.
I’d decided to do the bike commute thing from Horseshoe Bay to school at Broadway and Ash (YVR).
Did the first ferry to get me on the streets at dark. Lesson number one: ensure light placed with zap strap is secure to said forward position so eyes can see the road.
Up ahead is what worries me on roads I haven’t travelled.
But more importantly – avoiding potholes, grates and gravel.
So I’m cautious.
What a pleasant way to start the day. The hell bent hill wakes you up. Right outa Horseshoe Bay it’s up, up.
Then a calming swervey werve through Marine Drive. Narrow but manageable.
Getting onto the Lions Gate Bridge was my first challenge. I found the Spirit Trail but didn’t quite figure it all the way to the end. I’m pumping to get to the safe side. Others scurry past me.
I’m packing the pack. Said I wouldn’t but here I am.
The roady was the only choice for that distance. I dialed in with another commuter at the end of the day and he showed me where I could hook up a rattrap and then the panniers.
Waterproof ones for sure.
These guys go year round. Snow and ice even!
I was having fear flashes going down the other side of the Lions Gate coming home. Ba bump ba bump. Speed catches up.
The commute is divided into three sections: 1. The ah ha along Marine Drive. 2. The fear of falling off the Lions Gate Bridge. 3. The I’m almost there thank goodness for bike lanes on the Burrard Street Bridge.
Still haven’t quite figured the through Stanley Park section to the Burrard and return. Have a rough idea.
I know Richards has a full bike lane. Lots of Burrard Street does too which is cool. Good green signs for directional through False Creek.
It’s so nice to see the friendly cycling lanes. Helps ya to feel safe.
Without doubt. You’ve got to be “on” when commuting by bicycle in Vancouver. Buses passing, guys gawking the other way when you’re crossing.
Only safe way is with fresh eyes.
At all times.
Riding time for me is 1.5 hours each way = 3.0 hours total.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Song of Rain

Puddle drops.
The drip.
Leaves cradle the bath.
The grass glistens.
Windshield wipers swipe.
Gumboots pave the way.
Ahead an umbrella.
Droplets pounce here and there.
Inside we huddle.
Dry and warm.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Like Minded Vancouver

Was super curious to hook up with this morning coffee group. 
They really call themselves Like Minded Vancouver.
A creative source. A connected bunch.
Not about selling anything. All about a handshake and a yack. What you do, what they do.
Only been on the mainland two weeks. Know lots of folks for sure in Vancouver. Not so much around what I’m studying.
Stumbled on their link through Twitter. One thing led to another. Just so happened they wrangled a meeting Friday morning at the funky Gastown Milano coffee bar.
Since I’m commuting from Bowen Island and school starts at 9 a.m. I only had half an hour. Holy interesting 30 minutes!
I met a portrait photographer, a software designer, a real estate agent and a budding high tech entrepreneur.
Little skeptical of late when someone introduces himself or herself as an entrepreneur. Does that mean sales?
This guy was dialed.
Dick was his name.
“I’m a Dick,” he even said.
Which sent me into howls of laughter.
I ask him what he’s all about. He gives the nearby’s the lowdown.
A new technology start-up. Flashing bubbles of information on any one person instantaneously. Instead of going there or here to gain the info it all pops up as you scroll over.
Then he gets out his iPhone. Scans the crowd.
Soon to be, face recognition software that tells all.
Have to say, I’m eager to attend more of these, Like Minded meet-ups.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Compass Worked

Got lost in the dark this morning.
Decided to ride from Horseshoe Bay to school in False Creek (Vancouver).
Talked to a guy on the ferry the day before he said it was easy.
“Stick right, right?” I asked.
“Yes, easy to find,” he replied.
Well there’s a right, right that I found that pretty soon had me awkwardly wishing I’d figured out how to use the GPS function on my new iPhone.
However, the good old noggin said, after maybe a couple kilometers – STOP!
So I did and rode back and eventually found my way.
That was awkward.
Lessons learned – ensure you look at maps of said roads before your embark on a pre-dawn commute by bicycle.
At least the internal compass worked.