Sunday, 31 October 2010

Hope and Wonder

Super appreciate the support I’ve received from so many friends, strangers and family members for Uganda Wishes.
The auction idea, sparked by SARK has been most successful. There are a few things still left to bid on so don’t hesitate to take a look: Support Uganda Wishes!

This last week has been steady with dinner parties, family and friendship gatherings. I get asked a lot about the project. I sense genuine interest and support. But I’m reminded to hold back some expectations. There’s a lot I want to do. To accomplish. To document. To bring back and share. To make a difference. But I’ve only got six weeks.
As I sit and write this on a stormy Halloween night in Canada I can’t help but wonder what next week will be like.
I take love, hope and wonder to Uganda
Stay tuned. 

Friday, 29 October 2010

SOUPER Support for Uganda Wishes!

Gratitude and love to my long-time friend Carolyne(right)

It was an honour tonight to meet a group of people who chose to share their evening over a bowl of soup and to listen to the story of the proposed Uganda Wishes multi-media project.
The aromas of four different kinds of home-made soups filled the ambiance with freshly heated bread. Once enough of us had filled the room it was time to eat. I met new faces.
Carolyne introduced me and then passed around the hat. The idea being, whatever you might spend on a Friday night normally would go to supporting Uganda Wishes.
This was the first time for me as the project lead, where I had the chance to stand in front of more than a handful of individuals and speak about the idea behind Uganda Wishes.
There wasn’t a person in the room that I spoke with afterwards who had been to Africa. Throughout the remainder of the evening I fielded questions on language, political unrest, needs for orphans and the opportunities to assist. I couldn’t help but think my time there will be too short. Six weeks will zoom by.
This time next week I will have concluded my first full day in Uganda. My first full day of producing Uganda Wishes. I look forward to fulfilling many of the questions I heard tonight through future blog posts. Thank you to everyone who has supported this project thus far. And to the amazing Carolyne who brought us all together tonight for the first Uganda Wishes - Soup Party!
Jane Victoria King
Project Lead

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Boogie Balance

Magical Journeys with SARK

Another amazing Dream Boogie last night with SARK and my Boogie Buddies.         
Had to play catch up before the call as I missed last week.
“Love your dream and your life,” sounded out in the introduction. With emphasis on living with self-care. Which reminded me how often in the week I’d skipped my meditation because of busyness. Yet the sweat time didn’t loose out. Realization conclusion: need to make time for both.
The question was also raised, “How do we treat ourselves and our dreams when we are feeling out of balance?”
Obviously with difficultly. It was incredible when we broke off into small groups for further discussion what feedback and insights others supplied. I was reminded my meditation doesn’t have to be 20 minutes. Five will do. I can also take it into the steam room or to a garden bench.
When I got off the phone I shouted out, “That was amazing!”
Then I wrote this:
Ask and you shall receive.
Take so you can give.
Love so you can accept.
Seek so you can restore.
Balance so you can live!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Know Thy Values

Thought about this tonight as I ate dinner with my pal, Pete. He mentioned a relationship he was in and the woman wasn’t compatible as it was pretty clear early on, her values didn’t match his.
It got me thinking of my values and the importance of them. What do they mean and does anyone really care any more?
Now my definition of Values is brief. I intuitively came up with one word for each letter. This is pretty random and straight from my heart today:

V: Variety - The spice of life!
A: Aptitude - Enables everything.
L: Love – Surrounds.
U: Unity – Harmony, peace.
E: Excellence – My standards!
S: Sobriety – Maintaining a clear head.

Pretty much how I live my life. Suppose I do know. My values that is.

Monday, 25 October 2010

My Friend Fred

The eyes were mellow. A forlorn look on his face. I’d been telling him for days.
“It doesn’t mean I don’t love you!”
But I had to go. Even though I’d stayed the night. Since I knew he knew it was inevitable. I’d be off.

The first thing I say when I wake up in a day is, “Good morning my friend Fred.”
Away and alone. I am. Not him though! He’s got the best of friends. A surrogate mum, my dear friend Diane with her two sons and cats. And a house full of love. I know he’ll be fine. 
A week tomorrow I’m off to Uganda. So it will be a bit before he hears my voice. I’ve promised to call and send a postcard. He’s in my heart.
My friend Fred.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Did You Dance?

Had a blast last night. My pal Sherry rented a hall for her partner’s birthday bash. Old school style. But with a live band -  a seven piece.
Over the years I’ve complained a lot about our lack of togetherness. In society. We sit at home on our computers. Go to movies. Yet the yonder years of community hall gatherings and potlucks seemed reserved for the Boy Scouts or Girl Guides.
Interaction face to face. Alive. One on one. With music. Throw in some freedom to move. Let’s call it dancing and wow. Some spirits are moved. We are free.
Years ago I’d do dinner with a few girlfriends. Every couple of weeks. Inevitably the bottles of wine emptied and the music would get cranked and someone would clear the table to make a dance floor. Does anyone do that anymore?
At first I was the only one moving with the band. Once I hip-checked the dude with the full bottle of rum he started to groove. Of course, by the end of the night there were young and old, the dance floor was full. The energy positive. Happy smiling faces. All around.
I couldn’t remember the last time I’d danced and had that much fun with that many people. Maybe at a wedding?
Do you remember the last time you danced?

Friday, 22 October 2010

Life is Opportunity

Pretty sure when you ask anyone about destiny and what it means to them there’s going to be something about life in there. Living. Money. Health. Family. Career.
But all that can change in a heart beat.
I have a neighbour who brought that to light.
A few days ago I had the chance to chat with her. We met in line at the ferry terminal. She’d just returned from running a half marathon race in San Francisco and touring the region around. I felt so elated hearing of her accomplishment.  
Then she brought up her partner and the “C” word. Cancer. He’d recently been diagnosed. It is terminal.
I felt saddened, yet celebrated. She told me they planned to share their story in a blog. Their new journey of life. Planning trips. Living each day with hope. It’s called Rootin' For Ron.
When I think about the end of life, I recall those close to me whose spirits have passed. Not necessarily gone. They’ve moved on. But always in my heart.
Then I reflect on R&J and their voyage. To live each day to the fullest. With laughter and love. With hope.
Their new opportunity for life.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

We IHOPed!

Myself and Uncle Len at the IHOP  in Bellingham

Never thought I’d gush over a lunch like I did yesterday.
We were driving back from Seattle and I kept seeing these signs along the highway for IHOP. I’d heard some people talking IHOP at the gas station earlier.
There’s JC Penny, Macey’s – all kinds of massive retail malls in the area, Tukwila where we were staying. I kind of assumed it was some big retail store.
I finally leaned over to Uncle Len, since he’d been narrating all the big stores and what they’re good for anyway, and asked him what the IHOP one was all about.
Took him a few seconds then he replied, “International House of Pancakes.”
Just so happened we were already past noon and I was hungry. So I got to saying how much I LOVE pancakes and well, pretty much could eat them at any time of day. Uncle Len agreed. So we made one our next stop. In Bellingham.
Felt a bit at first like a Smitty's. But the menu was more interesting and the coffee robust! With lots of it.
Came hungry... left very happy!
I started thinking crepes and picked out three that sounded good. The low cal (of course), the German (with lemon butter) or the chocolate (with Nutella).  
The waitress comes by and I explained with humour we were all the way from Canada to visit the IHOP! She of course recommends the chocolate crepes to make my experience all the more worth while.
Topped with whipped cream and bananas. I didn’t go wrong.
Uncle Len did the eggs, bacon, sausage and crepes. He went with the German.
We both gushed at the sights of the plates.
What a pleasure. Pure heaven. Indulgence. No guilt I might add. Although I did force myself to get up early this morning and do a spin class. Just cause!
But now I can say I’ve IHOPed!
Without guilt!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Not a Pusher

The Upper Wing Span of the 1917 Curtiss Jenny JN-4D

None of the other planes on the Personal Courage Wing where the World War I displays were put flew before the Curtiss Jenny. When you start the tour on the second floor you travel counter-clockwise. The Jenny is the elegant display you’ll see before you leave.
This morning one of the restoration volunteers put it right.
“We do a lousy job here at the Museum of showing how things are built.”
He’s happy now to see the 1917 Curtiss Jenny JN-4D in her entirety. Naked as she is. No skin. Only the craftsmanship of a bunch of boat builders. The upper wing spans were original, the remaining crafted by hand to match.
I had no idea the Museum of Flight is entirely funded through private donors. An incredible feat given the extent of their existence and space for displays.
Leonard's good pal Frank Koral came by today as they were finishing up. Wrapping the turnbuckles with wire for safety sake.
Leonard King, lead foreman on the original restoration
“The museum is here forever,” he said.
He went on to explain how the Jenny is at the heart of it.
Then he told me it was the design of the Curtiss Jenny that brought the engines to the front of the plane.
“She’s not a pusher,” he told me.
Not a pusher, and not a pushover.
Make sure you visit the second floor of the Personal Courage Wing at the Museum of Flight if you go.
They saved the best for last (in my opinion)!

Monday, 18 October 2010

That Lady Jenny

1917 Curtiss Jenny JN-4D
“Did she smile?” one of the docents asked me repeatedly.
It was getting late in the day. I’d spent most of it walking around with video and digital cameras recording and photographing the six volunteers and Uncle Len putting her back to one.
First the upper wing, then the lower one. Right side, then the left. The struts. Then the rigging.
“Okay Leonard, rig it!” said Tom Cathcart of the Museum of Flight at one point.
There were cables and turnbuckles coiled up everywhere.
“There’s more cables then a Steinway,” he exclaimed.

Leonard King outside the Museum of Flight

Leonard had brought the Manual of Rigging Notes, Technical Data along with pictures of the original restoration in progress. He’d also slipped a magnifying glass into his pack which came in handy.
The docents of their higher years, many with glasses posed together over the photographs and the glass catching glimpses of the threading for the wires.
By tea time she was one.
The tail was lowered back to the ground. Ladders moved aside. There she sat in all her grandeur. No cover so the actual build and design of the 1917 Curtiss Jenny JN-4D was in plain view for all eyes. No pun intended.
Six years later she is complete again.
And yes, she has a smile.
The display re-opens Friday, October 22

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Perfect Restoration

Incredible people cross my path. One such person lives nearby and is part of the family. Uncle Len. Fourty years separates us, to the day. We’re both born in May with the same number.
Leonard, as he prefers to be called is a retired boat builder. He also restored an old Curtiss Jenny airplane many years ago in Friday Harbour at the Lucy T Whittier Flying Machine Company, for a Mr. Paul Whittier. I asked him to tell me the story on how it all came about.
In his quirky style he quickly explains how Whittier decided to take one on. Restoring a 1917 airplane that is. A style he’d flown as a young man. Saw a picture, made all the right connections. Before long a moving van pulls up to the shop. Leonard gawks at the load. A bunch of boxes and a couple broken wings.
“Looked like it all had been eaten up by rats,” he laughs.
The whole shop went into roars of laughter he explains.
“We’re a bunch of fuckin’ boat builders. What did we know about the Curtiss Jenny? Nothing! That’s how it started.”
There were no plans at all when they began. A Popular Mechanics Magazine article - that was it.
Later, when they did get the blue prints, they discovered their measurements were a mere 1/16” out. Remarkable.
The Curtiss Jenny JN-4D biplane was one of over 8,000 built. Many used to train pilots in WW I. Also a plane that flew the first Air Mail.
Whittier wanted it restored so he could fly it at Oshkosh. In 18 months the Jenny was re-born. It’s final destination intended as a donation for the Museum of Flight in Seattle.
It made the perfect exhibit. The design in itself. Uncovered.
“They have other planes in there that are covered but you can’t see how they were built,” Leonard explains.
That was in the late 1980’s. However, for some reason less then a decade ago (2004), the Curtiss Jenny JN-4D display was broken up.
Along with a close friend, Leonard has been pushing to see it become one again. Tonight we’re near the Boeing airstrip outside Seattle. Ready to wake up in the morning and visit the Museum. Ready for Leonard to see fit the coming together of a perfect restoration. The 1917 Curtiss Jenny JN-4D.

Friday, 15 October 2010

A Half Moon Tonight

Won’t be long and I’ll be peering up to the sky in an African night. I ponder this in awe. I’ll be continents away from where I am today.
The world is so big. Our mother earth so round. Cultures are diverse, while so many people cross the lands.
What is spoken here, may not be there. What we may laugh at now, they may sneer at tomorrow.
I’m sure they sing and dance more then we do here. To celebrate life.
I’m so curious to know, what makes them grow.  Their spirits, their souls, as all is unknown.
Their challenges are more and real to this day. Then what we may face on any given day.
So I look up at the moon, and one thing I know – we both see the same thing… a half moon tonight.
It’s my time to go and see and explore. To document the hopes and the wishes from those afar.
Please visit Support Uganda Wishes for your opportunity to share.
Thank you.
Jane Victoria King

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Living My Dream

It’s already the fourth week of Dream Boogie with SARK. I feel behind in some ways. Working on working. Having my lover - 'money' - exist in abundance so Uganda Wishes can prosper.

Magical Journeys with SARK

Yet in my mind a dwindle of self-indulgence rears up. Am I digging too deep? Wishing for too much?
Suddenly in awe an email arrives. A dear soul, a long-time friend asks if she can throw a soup party to raise funds and awareness for Uganda Wishes. Suddenly I feel like a star. A moment of fear exudes my patience. Will I be ready? Will I get everything done?
Then SARK starts the call with the title Micro-Movements for Passionate Production. Reminding us that wherever we are in our dream - is perfect. That when our dreams are only in our minds, their movements are limited.
I print off a Micro-Movement Wheel of Delight whilst I’m on the call. Our group call segment has me silent. I listen to others. My energy lays calm. Someone speaks about delight. To light the fire of delight in what we write in the centre so we want to look at it and go to where we need to go. Do what we need to do.
With a bright red marker I put Uganda Wishes in the middle. In a green marker I draw a heart around it. Amongst the circle of spaces I write everything I imagine needs to happen.
When we re-group again SARK talks about resistance. To listen to the message of resistance. To write them down. In doing so, they will have messages for you she says.
I feel resistance in my technical challenges. Web design, sponsorship package, logo design, learning my HD camera back-up plan, how to load video into the clouds.
By writing it down I’m burping up the troubles. In some ways I suppose, I’ve cleared the air. The next task at hand is to pave the path. To get it done.
Part of the Micro-Movements Wheel of Delight. Writing it down. A step to living my dream.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Uganda Wishes Binds People!

Truly it is incredible to know that all of these people have come forward to assist me with this project. The incredible SARK helped me gain the power to know that I am worthy of receiving! One by one women stepped forward to assist.
Now I am asking you to support the project by purchasing any one of the following items. Simply email with the item of your choice.

VALUE $18.95 (US)

Item#2: One Hour Couching with SARK! - SPOKEN FOR!
VALUE $250 (US)

Item#3: Basic Boating Crewing Course WITH ADDED BONUS Six Month Club Sail Membership (expires April 2011)- Vancouver Island Maritime Academy (Victoria, BC Canada)
VALUE $1,000 (Cnd)

ROI-Coaching is a revolutionary new learning model that grows critical management skills in managers at any level in an organization. Via teleconference, managers work one-on-one with a professional management coach to develop skills that they then immediately use in their own work environment. This immediate application of new knowledge and skills ensures skill transfer and improved manager performance.
VALUE $750 (US)

Item #5: Women's Counselling Session - 1.5 hours
Sherry Bezanson, M.Ed., RCC is a social entrepreneur since 1995. She is passionate about helping other women achieve autonomy and empowerment. Sherry has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria.
VALUE $250 (Cnd)

Item #6 Astrology Session – 1.5 hours SPOKEN FOR!
With 25 years experience studying Astrology - you must know the exact time of your birth for an accurate reading!
VALUE $350 (Cnd)

With your support, I look forward to bringing back stories of hope and inspiration to share to the World!

With love,
Jane Victoria King
Project Lead
Uganda Wishes

Uganda Wishes gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following: Alice King, Susan Aerial Rainbow Kennedy (SARK), Sherry Bezanson, Authentic Sue, Succulent Leslie, Daring Dawn, Vancouver Island Maritime Academy, Gifted Marilyn and Friends of Mengo Hospital.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Monkey Blood

Please support Uganda Wishes!

Did an information session with AIDS Vancouver Island last week. Good preparation for the trip to Uganda.
I’m more of a risk to a person with HIV/AIDS if I’m unwell then they are to me. I never would of known that.
Had no idea the extent of bodily fluids that are capable of spreading the Human Immuno-Deficiency Virus (HIV). Definitely didn’t learn any of that in school. Well, OK maybe it has been a while since I’ve been in school.
Here’s what I thought I knew, or had heard:
  • The virus came from monkeys.
  • It’s transmitted through blood.

True the virus needs a way into the bloodstream to ignite. Didn’t know that it could be through vaginal fluids, semen or breast milk though.
While it keeps mutating in humans, the source I was told today by one doctor is irrelevant. It’s established - it’s here.
In Uganda the children living with HIV need assistance with nutrition to support their body’s coping with the anti-viral drugs – if they’re available to them.
My plan is to find a way with Uganda Wishes to document that need with hope. 

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Support Uganda Wishes!

“Once we make up our mind to do something, all we have to do is allow the Universe to join us.” Tori Hartman.

Uganda Wishes is a planned multi-media art project documenting the hope of the African people. Looking away from the doom and the gloom our focus is to record the aspirations of these people. What makes them happy? What gives them hope? What makes them smile? What are their wishes for our World?
At the Mengo Hospital in Kampala we’ll visit the Saturday Club. Eighty HIV positive orphans who travel to the hospital once a month for a nutritious meal, clothing and support.
Also at Mengo Hospital is a HIV/AIDS clinic, the TB clinic and nearby another orphanage. All of which will provide opportunities to record faces, names and aspirations.
Further afield in the mountains near the Congo border in Bwera there are a group of Canadians building a school. Here communities living outside of the big city centers face different challenges. How is life different for them? What do we see that they don’t have? What do they feel gives them hope in their day? What do they wish for our World?
Below you will find a number of different items that have been donated to this project. The project email address is ugandawishes@gmail.comYou may contribute directly (email bank transferred preferred) or by contributing a payment towards any one of the following items in exchange:

How to support Uganda Wishes:
  • Items are available on a first come first serve basis!
  • Email with the item number, name and support price for further details or to contribute.
  • Once you receive confirmation arrangements will be made for payment contribution and exchange of goods or services

VALUE $18.95 (US)

Item#2: One Hour Couching with SARK! - SPOKEN FOR!
VALUE $250 (US)

Item#3: Basic Boating Crewing Course WITH ADDED BONUS Six Month Club Sail Membership (expires April 2011) - Vancouver Island Maritime Academy (Victoria, BC Canada)
VALUE $1,000 (Cnd)

Item#4: Three-Session Professional Business Coaching
ROI-Coaching is a revolutionary new learning model that grows critical management skills in managers at any level in an organization. Via teleconference, managers work one-on-one with a professional management coach to develop skills that they then immediately use in their own work environment. This immediate application of new knowledge and skills ensures skill transfer and improved manager performance.
VALUE $750 (US)

Item #5: Women's Counselling Session - 1.5 hours
Sherry Bezanson, M.Ed., RCC is a social entrepreneur since 1995. She is passionate about helping other women achieve autonomy and empowerment. Sherry has a Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria.
VALUE $250 (Cnd)

Item #6 Astrology Session – 1.5 hours SPOKEN FOR!
With 25 years experience studying Astrology - you must know the exact time of your birth for an accurate reading!
VALUE $350 (Cnd)

With gratitude for the opportunity and support I have already received, I am calling myself the project lead and depart for Uganda November 2. I return December 15 to share Uganda Wishes with the World. Check this blog for updates when power and Internet access are accessible to me!

Uganda Wishes gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following: Alice King, Susan Aerial Rainbow Kennedy (SARK), Sherry Bezanson, Authentic Sue, Succulent Leslie, Daring Dawn, Vancouver Island Maritime Academy, Gifted Marilyn and Friends of Mengo Hospital.

Most importantly, thank YOU for your support in reading this!
With love,
Jane Victoria King
Project Lead
Uganda Wishes

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I am Worthy Just Say YES!

Magical Journeys with SARK

Another session with Dream Boogie tonight and SARK. What a gift. I’m working away on my auction items for Uganda Wishes and have opened the Universe up to my receiving all the goodness that I can in support of this project but the inner critics crawl around jabbing at my heart.
I am not getting things done fast enough! What if you can’t raise the necessary funds? So they say.
Like a wild horse I stomp into my Dream Boogie session tonight, sweating. I’m running away from the criticizers. I explode my dream passion to my boogie buddies and low and behold I’m applauded. Once again I receive support.
SARK's introduction surrounds the world of YES! The “I can…, I can see the…, I really believe…, I know I will….”
Hark, I know gratitude and love will get me there. I’ve had another boogie break through!
Thank you SARK and my fellow boogie buddies. I needed you tonight.
Stay tuned, Uganda Wishes auction items to be revealed shortly!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Love Love LOVE!

N.B. I have collected more items for the Uganda Wishes auction. It will be posted within the next few days. Please do check back!

What can you see that you love?
Right now in front of me I can see my fave coloured sharpies – green, red, orange, purple and yellow. I love my sharpies and the colours especially!
Nearby is my meditation timer. Set to 21 minutes. I love meditating. It brings a sense of calmness and peace to the day. Moments of solitude and self reflection. Awareness.
In front of my table where the computer is, hanging from a porthole is my second place medal for Day 6 of BC Bike Race Challenge Course. I love that I set a goal for myself, trained for it and achieved greatness! It felt so good for my first ever stage race getting on that podium!
The next thing I see that I love is my little Right To Play ball. It reminds me of the love and fun I had during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, volunteering at the CBC studios for RTPtv. Amazing.
Next I see a picture of my son then nine years-old on the base of the largest Fir tree in North America. We’d ridden our bikes together to see it. I LOVED that bike camping holiday. Best holiday ever.
It’s everywhere love is. All we have to do is recognize it!
love love love love love love love love love love love love love love