Thursday, 30 September 2010

There is No Box!

Dream Boogie with SARK

Always looked at myself as an outside the box thinker. Of course there are other ways to contemplate that mind scenario. SARK put it perfectly. Last night’s Dream Boogie class was so named - There is NO BOX! Now that changes critical thinking. The path of thought, the voyage of the dreams!
The on-line forum led by SARK gave everyone an opportunity to write down the obstacles that are keeping us from living our dreams. We had one minute. Whatever comes to mind. Roll it out. Reel if off the chest.
Fear capitalized. SARK called out inhibitions as being the Dream Stoppers. With a challenge to evaluate and re-think, re-name and re-phrase them into a Dream Starter statement. In changing the tone we bring shards of light and hope to the process.
Yes we can. Yes we can. I know I can. I know I can!
In the journey of life, our patterns of thoughts ignite control over our feelings and emotions. How easy it is to change all of thought by simply re-shaping our ponderings. Instead of saying I don’t have, say I DO have and YES I can!
In closing SARK emphasized it’s OK to hold hands with fear. Not to fight it. But most importantly, don’t try and be someone else. Never compare yourself to someone else, to want to be like someone else. The World needs you to be YOU!
I can agree to that. Can you?

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The Gift of Life

As I left the Nova Travel Clinic the nurse touched my arm and looked sternly into my eyes, “You know there’s a problem with Africa.”
“Oh?” I responded thinking to myself - which one might she be referring to?
“Africa gets under your skin,” she continued. “Most people have to go back again.”
I’m off to Uganda for six weeks November 2. To volunteer at the Mengo Hospital. To document the hope of the Ugandan people. (See Uganda Bound.) A project I’ve fondly named Uganda Wishes.
N.B. I am also working on an on-line auction to raise funds for the project – stay tuned!
Tonight I meet up with some of the Board members for the Mengo Hospital Canada. Edward is the special guest. He’s from Kampala the capital of Uganda. I discuss with him my ideas for stories and documentaries. He shifts his stance to look and me and he explains slowly that I really need to understand first the story. Meaning, let them tell you.
Then I ask him, “What makes you smile?”
He talks about his faith. Life here and now and the after life. Then he speaks about his visit to Canada and what he sees. He notices wealth, everywhere. All around. But he asks, “Are people happy?”
In Uganda he explains, owning a vehicle is a luxury. Here a necessity. With choices of big or small.
We go on to chatter about joy and what brings us joy. He smiles when he talks about his relationships with neighbours, people he works with, his wife. All around support. The joy in his life.
I emphasize to him my ideas for documenting the hope of the Ugandans, for inspiration and engagement to the world. Enough of the poverty, AIDS and orphans. What makes people happy? Where do they find their HOPE in a day?
“Your eyes can only see what you don’t have,” he reflects. Then he says, “You can’t buy laughter with money.”
How true. How very true. 

Monday, 27 September 2010

Monday Muses

It’s the second Monday I’ve made time to see my older brother for coffee. We meet at 7:15 a.m. before the cafe opens. Have a warm-up yack in the car before we can add the milk into our coffees. It’s great fun. Catch up on the week. Nimble away at what’s going on with the economy today. Updates with the young adults still at home and my teenager about to get out of dodge.
I nudge home to gather up my Intentions of Delight for the day and press on. Musing all the while. Monday’s not a get up early and ride day so what better way to start the day then a meet-up with a family member!
The hours pass and the other bookmark to my Monday is a run with Missy Iron Legs. We tootle along the breakwater blurting out the weekend highlights and what is with the week. All the while admiring the mystic sea mist crawling over the breakwater.
I arrive home delighted with a chuckle under my breath thinking about Bob Geldof's song I Don't Like Mondays.
Sure am grateful for my Monday muses! 

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Simple Beauty

She was probably ten or eleven years old. Chatting away happily with her mother. In an excited tone. They were going swimming.
I joined them later for lengths. Alongside, the child’s glee reinstated with a paddle board and a floaty. Reminded me of my childhood fun in a pool.  We’d spend hours. Exiting with prune like hands and feet. Wake up in the morning with earaches.
Once the head is under water the shift from life outside turns down a notch. It is quiet. Peaceful. You hear your breath. The swoosh of your arms moving and your legs kicking.
My strokes go a kilometer. Back and forth. Back and forth. I’m mesmerized by the solitude. Grounded once again.
I drive home amongst a sunset. A mosaic of clouds embark shades of orange with red and pink. I stop to stare. It makes me happy. Simple beauty. Grateful I took the time to see it.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Love and Trust

Greed and gold. They go together.
The rain pours down. Emptiness shatters a heart.
Longitudinal forces are at play here. A tempest in a teapot you say? Not so.
How can you love if you don’t trust?
Someday one may look back and laugh. Yet today’s version of emotional nagging rages anger and hatred. Pain. 
I speak for a soul whose daily events triggered unaccountable thoughts. Persistent actions wouldn’t hasten a right. Rather two wrongs.
Without moral judgement she did bad and so did he. Leaving yet one sore soul.
Without trust there can be no love.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Facebook Friends

Saw I had an option to upgrade Facebook in my in box today. How fluid of them. Constantly evolving. Always changing. When I was first introduced to Facebook it was through my pal Neat Pete From Down the Street. He sent me a friend request. Said it was a great way to keep in touch with my friends.  All the University kids were doing it. His step-son had hooked him.
What he didn’t say was that it is also a great way to meet new friends. Seriously. I’m in ah at how many new friends I’ve made through Facebook. As well as business type acquaintances, which I probably never would of tangled with otherwise.
I often thought when it comes to on-line dating, that it’s an un-universe directed way to meet-up with the one. I suppose now with what the universe is flooded with as far as Facebook and Linked In goes that it’s probably ok with the universe.
Don’t you think!
Friend request sent.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Intentions of Delight

Dream Boogie with SARK

Started another wonderful on-line workshop with SARK last night. It’s called Dream Boogie. A lovely new friend so named Spirited Fiona hooked me up. I am so grateful for the opportunity.
If you can dream it you can do it!
Why not?
Sharing. A big part of hearing your heart beat. If it fills your heart with joy share it! Like your dreams. Talk it up!!
Name your dream. I LOVE it! As SARK puts it, it helps to shift your brain chemistry. FOCUS! Enlightment!
Write it down. Put it under your pillow.
Visualize it, send out the intention vibes, share it and then do it!
My dream is to work creatively with other forward thinkers to make a difference in the world. I’m a New Media Journalist – a writer, photographer, a film maker. I love to paint, to create to be a visionary for positive influences on others through words, sound, visual stimulus.
During the incredible one hour conference call last night on the Maestro system we broke off into smaller groups.
Again, we called out our dreams and asked for permission slips from others.
Here’s what I received:
  • Peggy suggested I join her group!
  • Write down what I’m grateful for everyday
  • Doodle beautiful pictures
  • Keep painting my dreams
  • Do research
  • Hug myself
  • Say NO!
  • Wait until something right comes along

There was a definite vibrational shift in my psyche. SARK named me Embodied Spirit. Spirited Fiona and I discussed our next steps following the call. She spoke about her dreaded To Do lists. That sparked my creative mind to rephrase that title to Intentions of Delight.
So instead of writing up a To Do list today. Name it your Intentions of Delight and see what comes.
Let the sun shine on all of you today! 
Love, smiles and hugs, Jane Victoria King.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Cardio Junky

I’m hooked. I am in love with the pack. Riding in a pack. So happy I own a road bike.
My x-husband introduced me to the Triple Shots. They’re 6 am roadies Tuesdays, Wednesday, Fridays and Saturdays and 7:30 am on Sundays.
The meet-up is simple. It’s a, b or c groups. Take your pick. We head. The talking starts. The warm-ups easy.
Tuesdays is speed, Wednesday is hills, Friday’s a bit of both, Saturdays and Sunday a mix but longer in time.
Weekdays it’s an hour and a half finishing with coffee. In most cases double shots.
I get a kick out of the pace. My heart rate climbs. I’m not as fast as most. I wear red. Lantern Rouge (last rider in the Tour de France).
No worries. If I can catch up I jump on someone’s wheel. That’s the thrill. We groove along the seaside. Pace line picks up. I’m hanging on. Drool starts. Nose runs. The heart keeps up. The legs round on. The wheels turn. It’s so exhilarating. I get so thrilled. The feeling of speed, the energy in front. I’m high.
Sweat beads. The grip tightens. I have to stay on. If I loose space I gotta get up and climb. Focus focus focus. Wheel in front what’s ahead and keeping up.
The ride slows near the cafĂ©. We peel off. By the time I’ve unclipped and off my bike I declare fatigue. Oh my gosh though, I can hardly wait to do it all over again.
I’m thinking maybe I’ve become a cardio junky!

Monday, 20 September 2010

Brain Games

Did the hills tonight. With my pal Iron Legs as I fondly refer to her. She’s strong. I had my heart in my throat on the first one. Up ahead of me she went. Full load conversation all the while. I’m spattering out words when I can. Literally. In between oxygen intakes.
Hills on a bike no problem. Haven’t been doing them much with my feet as of late. So around about the third one Missy Iron Legs blurts out her Brain Challenge. One foot at a time she says. She’s talking about the long steep tough one.
I muse to myself. It was Missy who Facebooked me before I rode the ride of fear. Day Day 5 Long Flowy RUN! of BC Bike Race. She wrote something to the affect of “One kilometer at a time, you’ll peel it off before you know it.”
What we tell our brains hey! It works. There is no question in my mind you can channel anything you want into that tub on the top of your shoulders and it will listen and manifest itself into what you want.
Now if I could only get it to tell my body that I don’t need that chocolate cake for dessert…

Sunday, 19 September 2010


Didn’t know about that word until today. Uncle Len happened to mention it. Did a double take.
“A merry who I asked?”
His context was in that of a couple. Two people who know how to laugh. Both at each other and with.
We had the fortune of joining them for dinner tonight. To share a gaggle. Knee slappers really. I love to laugh.
Made me think of Dave Allen at Large. Another one of dad’s favourite’s. Used to love watching dad watch Dave Allen. Wine glass in hand, when required. He’d have to put it down to crack up. Often raising his walking stick in the air. Like a live wire he’d erupt in laughter at something he said. Usually the way he said it. He’d laugh till there were tears. I adored that. Laughter is good medicine.
Back to meritorious. Uncle Len said it was a military word. So I do a search and sure enough, an award of merit. It is indeed.
Yet throughout our evening we defined our own versions of its compliments. To praise and to be worthy of. 
Suppose that has merit in it to.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

What is Time?

A clock ticks
An alarm sounds
Seconds move
To a minute.
An hour passes
A day is made
The weeks blend
To a month.
Seasons change
A birthday comes
Christmas goes
Days grow long
The solstice sparks
A full moon shines
The sun awakes
To another day.

Friday, 17 September 2010

The Courage Door

One door opens, another one closes. I’ve heard that a few times in the last decade. Particularly when it comes to the door that gets shut in your face, most unexpectedly.
I found it refreshing today listening to a person speak about dullness. Living an entirety of rigidity. Routine simple. Same story. Day in, day out.  The sameness. Nothing changes. Everyday.
Got me thinking about a movie I’d seen some years ago called Sliding Doors. How in a moment your life can change direction completely. Without you even knowing it.
Yet there are instances where one may be afraid to open that door to change. The chance occasion presents itself, yet comfort prevails due to the simplicity of life and the moment passes. Lost. Nothing is different. Nothing changes.
Made me think of the following:

The Serenity Prayer:
God, grant me the serenity
 to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

"What if" circulates in my vocabulary. Momentary lapses of judgement sound unheard. I think again about that Living Life to its Fullest prologue and contemplate the opportunity for freedom that exists. Anytime we want, we can open the door and walk straight into a new life, a change, an opportunity of abundance.
I've decided I'm calling that The Courage Door.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

To Live What We Learn

An Incredible Moment!
“It’s in your hard drive now. You can’t unlearn what you’ve learned,” said Adventurer Melanie as we walked toward the lodge for another cup of tea.
It was the start our last morning together of the Succulent Wild Wisdom Workshop at Hollyhock. We were reflecting on our learnings. The intensity of what SARK and our other cohorts brought to us. Through thoughts and revelations. That went right into our hearts.
I was shocked at what happened next. As we sat down in our circle facing SARK, ready for our ritual closing ceremony she sat straight up and looked at me. (forgive me as I paraphrase due to the delight of this statement!)
“I want to give to Jane Victoria for her trip to Uganda to auction off a copy of my book Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper and a one hour Couching session with me.”
Her eyes glowed. She smiled. I leaped into the air and lit up like a Christmas tree – a twenty footer.
The entire workshop had brought me to the realization that I am worthy of asking and receiving funding assistance to go to Uganda for six weeks. The ticket was booked months ago. (See other blog posts Uganda Bound) I had put the brakes on a couple weeks ago as my financial situation slid onto the rocks.
My plan was to volunteer at the Mengo Hospital and to document daily a different story of hope. Not the doom and gloom and despair - the hope. And name it Uganda Wishes.
Yesterday I’d alluded to the richness of the day in my post. I had rang out a budget to go. I asked for input and ideas. I’d outlined my plan to share my experiences upon my return through presentations, a multi-media art show, a documentary and a blog. I received an incredible amount of support from this circle of unique and amazing women.
This morning after SARK made her surprising announcement, Wise Sherry turned to me and said she’d give me an hour Astrology session to auction off and an hour of Step into Your Livelihood session. Then Daring Dawn sounded off three hours of Business Coaching. I felt completely overwhelmed. I was awe struck. My heart sang.
SARK then asked Spirited Fiona to make her announcement.
Spirited Fiona declared she’d enroll me in SARK's next Dream Boogie course which she is also taking (she also lives in Victoria) beginning September 22.
I was now floating on cloud nine.
Summer 2010 Dream Boogie with SARK
Yesterday SARK had showed us the Micro-Movement Wheel of Delight. So named by me, a wheel of fortune. In the centre you state your intention. Then like a pie you section off what you need to do to get yourself there, starting with five seconds and getting yourself to five minutes or more! The process of course designed to ward off the procrastination. To take action. The value in taking micro-movements being that the tiny bits add up to huge results.
My intentions in the middle was to create a sponsorship package for my project so named Uganda Wishes.
By the time I’d come back down to earth and connected again in the group, SARK had started to rattle off some highlights (here are some, not all!):
  • FEAR=Forget Everything And Rest
  • JOY=Just Open Yourself.
  • The world needs people who have come alive.
  • Turn the receiving dial up – practice - know if you’re uncomfortable it’s ok.
  • Do things differently.
  • Be willing to be odd.
  • Loving being is best of all.
  • Set your intentions in new ways.
  • Tell new stories.
  • Call SARK on the Inspiration Line. (415 546-3742)
We left Hollyhock shortly after. There I left my old stories of who I was. I have new stories to tell now of what I am.
As Wise Sherry sat behind the wheel of my truck so I could start putting my words together for this blog we found ourselves rolling along the highway in the pouring rain. All of a sudden she let out a squeal of delight. We drove straight into and through the most incredible and complete rainbow I’ve ever seen. The purest array of colours. It was a ga ga moment.
I later turned to Wise Sherry and said, “I’m sure that was SARK!”

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Unraveled Wisdoms

This morning's painting at Hollyhock
We’re on Day 5 of the Succulent Wild Wisdom Workshop with SARK. As nature awoke I calmly sank into being. I am who I am. Alive, healthy and free. Open and willing to give, and to receive. Grateful.
Today turned out to be a rich day. A rich day for our souls.
Adventurer Melanie
“We are all mentors. We all have wonderful banks of information within us,” said SARK early on.
The day's workshop began with the Solution Station. An opportunity for each one of us to ask the circle a question.
I contemplated how to approach this. Waited long till near the end. Yesterday’s fine tuning, today brought me showers of gifts. I’ve rejuvenated my creative self. Accepted my worthiness. It’s now written in my soul. My path became clear. (stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!)
Before we knew it lunch was served. As we glared out at the ocean I ate up some of the wise words that unraveled in the morning amongst all of our questions.
The afternoon's solitude at Hollyhock
"Do you see yourself?" said Wild Liz at one point to someone.
“Who would you be without the longing?” asked Wise Sherry to another.
SARK later took our afternoon’s session to the Loons. We crowded beach side. In peace. At one point perks of laughter erupted when a splash of skin hit the sea. A gaggle of nakedness - blissful and free.
SARK's afternoon's Workshop with the Loons
SARK carried on speaking about channeling abundance. The energy of money. I stopped taking notes and savoured this one sentence: 

“If we don’t fully use who we are, then who are we?”

Monday, 13 September 2010

Divine Timing

Gifted Marilyn (left) with SARK during lunch at Hollyhock
“Let’s talk about our minds,” started the day.
SARK sat relaxed, purple socks out front. Be Willing to Not Know displayed beside her on the white board.
After minutes of dialogue exchanges with eloquent re-directions put out by SARK she brought our her Creative Dream Game card deck. We broke off in groups. With a question to pose ourselves for input from the others.
First one card was handed out, with ten minute timed discussions for each of us, then another card. Out of four in our group, three of us had the hammer hit the nail, not once – but twice. Myself included.
I was high. I’d heard SARK say it. I’d heard Wise Sherry say it. I was really high. I guzzled down what my soul needed to hear. My group mates jived with anecdotes, support and inspiration.
A lot went on today. Useful daily tools were handed out. Then this.
“Are we putting our creative dreams on a list?” was asked.
“What’s your favourite creative dream?”
We stopped for lunch. The sun shone. The ocean calm. Hollyhock's seaside beauty enveloped us. I contemplated more of SARK's words.
From the deck at Hollyhock
“We do the most when we are delighted" and "Creative dreams will not go away.” 
The afternoon’s take away for me was further talk on self-love practices: Drink poetry, take miracle walks (ask for a miracle and then go for a walk), allow joy and delight to lead the way, expand capacities for love and self and others and do more things badly (nobody will even notice) resonated with me.
Being here for Succulent Wild Wisdom is really, for me - truly divine timing.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Dancing With Life

This morning at Hollyhock

The Universe took as us places today. Through tears and group hugs to sparks of laughter and shards of pain.
You are Seen.
You are Known.
You are Loved.
These words hung on the white board.
Each moment that passed shed truths, joy and some sorrow.
“Everything that comes up, comes up for healing,” affirmed SARK.
We’re on day three of our workshop so named Succulent Wild Wisdom. In the chatter amongst our circle, some of life’s hurts became revealed.
“By having other eyes and hearts on it we can see it differently,” SARK adds.
There became certainty in our full moon. Lids opened. Hearts sang. Relief was shared.
As each of us wondered off for our own time in the afternoon I digested more of SARK's words.
“What matters is that we feel good as often as possible. What matters is that we practice forgiveness.”
Wise Sherry and I had agreed to pay visit to a fellow participant in her home. In doing so we visited her hill top art studio. As we sat down to banter we heard a cry. Unsure if it was real, we tuned in tighter. It was real. The door opened quietly with Wise Sherry leading the way. It wasn’t a cry it was a howl. It was loud. It was close. Goosebumps rose up.
Wise Sherry stumbled briefly onto the eyes of a lone black wolf. We ventured back. What is the spirit world telling us we ask each other?
Later we Google wolf spirit meaning. We find teacher.
I think to myself, are we all teachers of life? Dancing with life.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Communion of Another Sort

Didn’t take long for me to pump out my intentions for attending the Succulent Wild Wisdom workshop with SARK. Four words, three lines. Then it was time to share.
The circle of women spilled, cried and laughed. SARK balanced the bridging from woman to woman with unique exercises for each person. I got to say, say louder with inspiration and sing my intentions. I paired that with a dance.
Creative energy ricocheted in my intentions. I am so grateful there is a truckload here.
“We are all artist’s of life,” illustrated SARK early on in the day.  She’d already penned the white board with the words Welcome to all of your selves.
SARK talked about her eight inner children. How she is such a wonderful parent to them. She also spoke of how every developmental age of a childhood is inside each of us, although some later appear as inner critics. At one point we invited them to leave.
Thinking and working on yesterday's self-love topic, I later decide I need an inner lover, one who is emotionally available and passionate and... tah dah... I now have Bettino (means blessed in Italian).
I felt awakened when SARK noted the importance of paying attention and comfort to the feelings or emotions that are uncomfortable. To comfort so it feels secure and safe. Then let it go?
We invited mentoring discussions. Ending the day with cutting, pasting and painting whatever we wanted to start our take away. Our very own guidebook.
Together today we served up inner lights. Awakenings. Creative visualizations. Self-love, self-worth, self-hope. It wasn’t church. But it felt pretty close.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Our Succulence

Centered Jane Victoria and The Wise Sherry
I have an abundance of mental mentors in my life. By choice. I call them friends. If there finds a time when uncertainty exists in my self esteem I reach out to them. Although not often.
The Succulent flower is known to nourish itself from the inside out. Tonight at the introduction to the Succulent Wild Wisdom workshop with SARK at Hollyhock I had to ask myself – am I doing enough of that? Does anyone? Do we even know how?
Nourishment for our souls tinkered in my mind as we ventured up to our roundhouse to start our evening workshop.
There is twenty of us in a circle. We were asked upon entering to pick up our name tags. I am Centered Jane Victoria. I travelled to Hollyhock and am sharing a tent with my soul sister so named Wise Sherry.
Intuitively SARK named us. She wrote down our names and sat and waited until a word popped into her head. She had never met us.
As the identities were revealed around the room SARK's intuitive descriptions appeared to match or foreshadow each individual’s self worth.
We did some workshop introductions with touch and eye contact. Then after some insights on what made her who she is today, SARK talked about tomorrow.
“Tomorrow is love day,” she explains. “If we don’t love ourselves we can’t fully love someone else.”
But at the beginning before SARK got us going she called herself a Transformational Change Agent with a Full cup of self love sharing the overflow with the world.
She explained how one day she started by simply waking up in the morning and hugging herself.
I recoil at the thought. I’d rather have someone else do that I think. I consider again the words self-love.
Then I hear SARK say, “It’s painful when you have things you want to do and you’re not doing them.” Adding, “Self care and love may mean doing things differently.”

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hollyhock and SARK

Magical Journeys with SARK

I start my second professional vacation for the year tomorrow. The first was the living like a pro doing the BC Bike Race back at the end of June. Tomorrow I head to Hollyhock with my wonderful friend Sherry to attend a writer's workshop called Succulent Wild Wisdom with SARK
I'm loading up the felt markers, my sketch pad and pens along with my video and still cameras.
Expect to hear something on my writing sensations as SARK embarks us on a journey of creative energy, healing and inspirations!
I promise to share all!!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Letting Go

Trouble with the bad stuff in your past is that it continues to haunt you. Unless you can find a way to let it go. Like slamming the door… turning off the light switch… burning it up. That kind of thing.
It’s truly terrible to think that something the Universe guided you through, for whatever reason, your now presence wishes or needs to forget it or release it.
Visualization is a good one. I remember someone telling me to picture the person who caused the broken heart as being in some capsule and you’re in a plane and the belly opens and out they go. You watch them float away. Ha ha.
Went with a friend the other day who’d chosen to write names on a horseshoe for the people that had hurt him. He then let them go by throwing it in the ocean off a pier. I thought that was brilliant.
We’d bought some sage as well to burn. Good for clearing.
I’ve heard some people make treasure boxes and them set them free either in the ocean or through a burial.
Personally I visited a healer who put me through an intense meditation. Tears roped my face. Unbelievable sobbing. I’d brought two pictures which I left. She told me when it was appropriate she’d destroy them. It wasn’t long after I saw the bird fly away. It was an epiphany of sorts. I was set free. My heart cleared. The embrace of the relationship severed forever.
In my mind it takes acceptance to face whatever it is that hurts, to shove it aside and let it go. Making way for the healing and lots of love.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Me and George Clooney

It was real. Again. In another dream. I could reach out and touch him. It happened I’d seen The American that evening. So I suppose we’d already spent some time together.
I’d say this is the third one. He keeps popping into my head. With intimacy. It’s quite pleasant.
There was a definite marriage of art nuance in the latest George Clooney film, The American. The movie breathed. Scenes were savoured. Like licking a soft ice cream cone on a warm day. The direction and photography brilliance captivated great use of the focus pull. Although I felt over time some overuse on the faceless shots. Effective for balancing the movement from scene to scene.
Of course I loved Italy. The aerial road images. Like a maze. Made me think about cycling there.
Interestingly some months ago with I had a face to face with George in a dream he told me his next film was arty. How often do you remember what is discussed or what goes on in a dream? That had stuck with me simply because I awoke with a smile on my face. Had to tell three people. There was more to it then that, but the film making discussion had intrigued me. I was right there. Hypnotized by his brilliance. His depth. Not just another movie. Wing, bang, boom.
It happened I’d invited my 18 year-old son and his pal along with me. My son sees a lot of movies. While I relaxed into the scene by scene I pondered their patience for such a flick. Yet when I glanced over I never saw a yawn or looking down to peer at their IPhones. They seemed mesmerized.
The love scenes were poetic. The ending dramatic. It was a movie, yet I honestly felt like I’d been to a gallery to see some great art. Most refreshing.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

How Sponsorship Works

As I cross the finish line I’m greeted with hugs. The belt buckle goes around my neck. I’m asked my shirt size and I receive a ‘Finisher’ t-shirt. Then I get a bag of Kicking Horse Kick Ass coffee beans stuffed into my Camelbak. That was July 3. I’ve been drinking it ever since.
I did the BC Bike Race Challenge Course and Kicking Horse Coffee was one of the sponsors of the race.
Years ago I was told I had to quit the dark stuff. Something to do with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  At that point in my life I was only a triple shot dark Italian Roast Americano lady a day. Couldn’t leave home without it. Camping trips even. The espresso maker came along. No more then one a day.
During the seven-day stage race I took to the coffee. Like a magnet on the fridge. First things first. A cup of Kick Ass. The flavour was strong and soulful. Lots of depth. My days were grand.
I’d picked myself up a fancy new boddum from NOOD not long ago. When I got home I started filling it up.
Mum came by one weekend for a coffee. She likes it black. I gave her the Kick Ass. She thought it kicked butt and went out and bought herself some. Stuart came by and had a cup. He took note.
Had some neighbours do me a favour. I asked them if they drank coffee. They got a bag.
Went to my local Country Grocer the other day and the Kick Ass was on sale and sold out. Wahhhhhhh. I picked another dark roast - the Grizzly Claw. I tweeted my take and heard from someone that she switches between Grizzly Claw and Kick Ass and that she figured I’d be fine. Later I got a tweet from Kicking Horse saying to try the 454 Horse Power (like to know the origin of that name) and to make sure my local grocery store keeps Kicking Horse Kick Ass in stock.
I reckon I’m getting through a bag a week. Not bad. I got to thinking, Kicking Horse Coffee made a smart move sponsoring BC Bike Race
That’s how sponsorship works!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Age of Reason

Probably during the cave man days communication between one another deployed grunts and groans. I’m surmising the whole voice activated talking thing began sometime after. The so called spoken word.
Between my son and I words aren’t always spoken. Heck I remember him waking up in the morning before the teen years with a song almost. It was a kind a short humming. “Haahhhahhhuu” I knew what it meant.
“I’m hungry.”
Then there’s the eye talk. Lot’s of people do it. Don’t need to mince any words. Providing you’re face to face.
Nowadays it’s texting and emailing.
It’s faceless.
I’m struggling to understand why individuals are so allergic to picking up the telephone and actually speaking to one another. 
I worked with a wonderful woman when I lived in the corporate world. She was the only one of the 15 or so in my department who would actually telephone me to discuss a matter. It was logical. It provided an opportunity to talk all angles of the issue and solve the problem or find the right solution fast. Rather then the back and forth of emails.
It takes effort to write up an email. Often you’re re-reading. Checking for tone. Reception on the other end isn’t always how it’s intended from the source. It’s completely one-sided. Safe I suppose. If you really don’t want to hear the other person’s voice.
I felt deeply saddened recently when I reached out to help someone. Rather then receive an in-person telephone call. I got an email of thanks. Great. With a note “call you later.”
That never happened.
Now I know I’m different then most people. My expectations are high. I set high standards for myself. I like to talk. Within reason.
What's so wrong with that?

Friday, 3 September 2010

Where is Love?

In the song of a bird.
In the sound of the ocean lapping the shore.
In the light of the moon.
In the whisper of the wind.
In the touch of a kiss.
In a walk in the sunshine.
In the aroma of a rose.
In the hug from your child.
In the pink in the sunset.
In the movement of the clouds.
In the harmony in music.
In the smile of a stranger.
In the heart of your soul.
Love is where you look.
There’s power in love.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Staggered Thoughts

Meditation exemplifies stillness. Supposed empty brain waves. No musings. Eliminated ramblings. 
Lights, colours – darkness. Peace. Quiet. Relaxation. 
But wait, the subconscious knocks. It does a noise dive. Something about now. An itch? Or what was – did I really go there? Or maybe - what’s next?
I push away. Clearing. The vacant mind returns. Time idles.
Before long twenty minutes dissolves. I release. To carry on.
Throughout the day I dwell.
The past. The future. The present.
Staggered thoughts.